I’ve never met him, but Auntie Doris and Uncle Bob have a piggy called Xanadu.  This is him with his friend Nighthawk.

Xanadu and Nighthawk

He’s a Rex breed, like Oscar and Midge (although he’s not related, I don’t think).  He’s also a Himalayan marked pig.  Auntie Doris says he takes after his himmy side more than his rex side, because rexes are laid back and himmies are nuts.  She does!  this is what she said:

“All himmies are nuts. Longhaired, short haired, skinny, they are all nuts, having had experience of keeping Short haired versions and the skinny versions, and have met several longhaired versions. Black himmies seem to be more nuts that Chocolate himmies, but chocolate ones are still a bit nuts”

Well, you can see what I said about Lupin-Buckmore and he was a himmy too!

It’s funny, though.  She says rexes being laid back, but Oscar and Midge are anything but.  They’re real troublemakers.  Mummy says they just want to make friends and have fun (but not with each other).  I wish they were a bit more laid back.

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  1. Auntie Dawn

    My Atticus, who is a chocolate himmie according to Auntie Doris, has calmed down some, but when he was a baby he was nuts. He would get spastic and run around and flip his igloo over just because he could. He has matured into a sedate pig, but the occasional himmie insanity comes out. ❤ He's just a happy pig — nothing wrong with that!

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