Norman and Nimrod

Norman and Nimrod both belonged to Auntie Doris and Uncle Bob.

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Norman was a funny looking chap – he didn’t have any hair!  They called him a ‘skinny pig’ and apparently it’s quite normal, he wasn’t ill or anything.  Mummy says there are lots of animals that normally have hair that now have strains that have none.  It’s evolution in action, or something.  She says Fred would have understood, but I don’t, and I don’t really care.  Norman looks funny until you get used to him, and then you find out he’s a really nice chap.  He had a son called George, who’s in the picture with him, and he had a son with Glory, and she’s the daughter of Blackbird.  It all gets terribly complicated at Auntie Doris and Uncle Bob’s house.

Nimrod was there too.  She was a long-haired Himmy (like Lupin-Buckmore), with a dark smudge on her nose, ears and feet.  Mummy asked Auntie Doris why she had a man’s name, since in Greek mythology Nimrod was the Hunter.  Auntie Doris says Nimrod is named after a plane, and it had a black nose too.  Ah! That all makes sense now.  I think.

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Nimrod won lots and lots of prizes at shows.  She was very beautiful.  Mummy put her in the books as the wise and beautiful Lady Nimrod from Buckmore.  She’s very clever too, and has a small but essential part in lots of the books.

2 thoughts on “Norman and Nimrod

  1. Doris

    I think you’ve got a bit mixed up 🙂

    Glory didn’t have a child with George, George was bred to Eden, who previously had a litter with Norman resulting in Dorkiss. Eden is not George’s Mum.

    Glory (Blackbirds Daughter was bred to Nymrod, no relation to the original Nimrod, he just looks like her.


  2. Doris

    And just in case anyone wonders neither Nimrod nor Nymrod are himmies. The sploge of colour is just that, a sploge of colour, it isn’t a smut like on himmies which fades in warmer weather.


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