I wonder what a holiday is

I had a holiday last week.  Well, I didn’t, I just had a day off.  Well, I really just forgot.  Thank you, Kevin, for posting for me on Tuesday.

Our mate George, Werewolf George, that is, not Our George (who isn’t here any more, but who made this site), has been giving updates on his holiday over at Rodents With Attitude.  It sounds amazing, wonderful and terrible, all at the same time.

His Mummy (Auntie Doris) and Daddy (Uncle Bob) took him and his friend Charlie on board their boat, Calella.  I know what it’s called because Mummy and Auntie Dawn went on it once.  They didn’t take me, though.  Anyway, George went on this boat, and they floated off into the river on board it.  Something went wrong with the engine so Uncle Bob hit it with a hammer to make it work again.  They went up river, or down river, and spent the night somewhere else, and another night tied up to a boy which swung around in the middle of the river.

 photo 5204C557-AC09-48C7-A91A-309CB0CDCA28_zpsxahxjrxq.jpg
This is the view out of the front of the boat – maybe from the boy.

I was wondering what they do for food if they’re out on a boat in the river.  George said it’s okay because his Mummy towed plenty of exploding haycakes and pellets, and they get fresh veg at hooman mealtimes.  I think George means human, but don’t tell him I corrected his spelling.  I mean, I know I get it wrong sometimes and it sounds the same.  I think Auntie Doris must have taken plenty of food with them if they had to tow it behind them.  I wonder if she towed a patch of grass too?

 photo 900E8FB6-7B7A-4350-BB90-CE7751DF2EDA_zpsrjn7pbwt.jpg
Werewolf George in the haybox with his mate Charlie

Later in the holiday George said they went on very bumpy water and Uncle Bob got sick.  He also went on lots of rides at a funfair but he didn’t get sick there.  I wouldn’t like to get sick so maybe I wouldn’t like a boat on bumpy water, but George said he was fine.  That’s funny because Mummy says Our George used to get car-sick on long journeys.  I told her I don’t get car-sick and she agreed I don’t, and Hugo and Victor didn’t either.  When we go to see Uncle Barry and Auntie Shirley to get our teeth done, she says nobody gets car-sick, so one day she’ll take us on holiday too, but not on a boat.

Fred, George, Hugo and Victor used to go on Holidays.  You can read about them here.  I think Werewolf George’s holiday sounds Really Interesting, though.  Maybe we can persuade Mummy to take one of those holidays.  Soon.

One thought on “I wonder what a holiday is

  1. Jemima Pett

    You boys! How you get all this information to and from each other beats me. I think you mean stowed, not towed. To stow is to put things away tidily on a boat. And the boy in the middle of the river is probably a buoy. Sounds the same, but it’s a floating thing anchored to the bed of the river so a boat can tie up to it safely and stay in the same place.

    Well done, Dylan (and Werewolf George) xxx


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