Kevin ~ October 2010 to 9th May 2017



One year since Dylan left us

It seems a very long time, but it’s a whole year since Dylan pined away for his brother, Dougall, and went over the bridge on February 26th.


Mummy missed him a huge amount to start with, and for a very long time after, although of course we cuddled her and helped her through it.  She says she’s better now, although she still aches when she sees the videos she took of him.

I thought he was an interesting person.  He seemed quite bossy, but he was very nice with it.  Some pigs can be bossy and aggressive, but he just wanted everyone to do what he thought was best, and if you did that, all was fine.  Mummy says he got a bit boisterous during his last birthday party, and she picked him up to keep him from spoiling things, and Kevin and Dougall and I ran around together just fine.  He sat on her lap looking down on us, and he was quite calm.  Maybe surveying us from a high point, watching over us, just suited him.

Me watching
Dylan watching

Kevin says life has been very quiet without him around.  I can imagine that’s true.  Never a dull moment with Dylan.  What a character!


We had a special day on Thursday

Kevin here today.  We had a minute’s silence on Thursday to remember all the guinea pigs we’ve known who’ve gone over the Rainbow Bridge.

Percy’s lucky – he’s only known Dougall and Dylan who are the most recent to have left us, and he didn’t really have time to get to know Dougall anyway.  I’ve known lots of other piggies – my mate Colman for one, but there are all the people who came with us on the Great Exodus from Jersey, I lost touch with them, but Auntie Doris says there’s only me and Flapjack left now.

The reason for choosing Thursday is because it was the day that Mariusz died, and that was the first person that either Mummy or Auntie Dawn knew to go over the Bridge.  He’s a legend, really.  Partly because of most of us never met him, except Hugo, and Hugo’s relationship with him was slightly odd (I didn’t know Hugo, but it sounds like he had a certain eccentricity himself). But the other part is because he’s in Mummy’s books and he’s a very important character, so he’s a legend that way too.

Traveler original cover
Traveler original cover

So although it’s called Mariusz Day, we remember all our friends who have departed.

Yesterday was Dylan and Dougall’s birthday

Well, it would have been if they’d made it this far.  I think Mummy is only just getting over the shock of Dylan dying, eight weeks after Dougall did.  I guess he just couldn’t live without him, even though you’d have thought that Dylan was so outgoing and into everything (and everyone) that he’d be okay.

Anyway, here to cheer Mummy up are some happy memories.

Five years since Fred left us

I was only a youngster then – and Oscar, Midge and Percy weren’t born at all.  It’s a long time ago.  I heard about them on the pigvine, what we called the network of tunnels connecting all the important guinea pig homes, like Hugs Towers and the Chateau of Dimerie, and here.  Well, I heard about them from Colman who heard about them on the pigvine.

He missed his brother George too much to stay any longer.  Apparently they are buried together in the garden, but Mummy’s never told me where.  I think I can guess though.

Fred on holiday
Fred at Haunn

Here he is on holiday in Mull a year or two before he left us.  He’d be about three years old here.  He was very handsome.  Mummy says I remind her of him sometimes – I’ve learnt his Look.  Yeah, I have, Mummy!