We are very sad about Roland, who went over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.  He lived in New York with Auntie Dawn and Uncle Wayne, and had many, many pigtures on Facebook, for his #WolandWednesday theme. An awful lot of them had him taking food from his daddy’s lips while standing on his daddy’s chest.  Awful is a carefully chosen word there.  I wouldn’t do it, not even from Mummy.  But it shows what a polite and trusting pig Roland was.

Sending love to Auntie Dawn and Uncle Wayne.

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  1. Auntie Dawn

    Thank you for posting this, Kev. He was very polite and trusting, if a bit of a scamp. Wednesdays are going to be hard for a long time.

    It’s been rough, but Atticus and even the flying menaces are helping us through. Be good to Mummy and give her extra cuddles.

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