A for Aunties #AtoZChallenge


IMG_3016Hi!  I’m Kevin, and if you’re visiting from the A to Z Challenge you may be confused.  Yes, I’m a guinea pig.  And our site is George’s Guinea Pig World because it’s all George’s work in setting it up in 2009.  We blog every week – me or Percy, who’s also a guinea pig. We share the work here.  We also live with Oscar and Midge.

For this year’s challenge we’re doing “Our Favourite Things”

a A is for Aunties

Aunties are people Mummy knows who know us through her books and our blogging.  They’ve usually got piggies of their own.  Some of them may even read this post!

Here is Auntie Dawn when she first visited us, here in the UK.  She’s cuddling Victor, who’s also a guinea pig, although he’s over the Rainbow Bridge now.

Victor and Auntie Dawn
Victor and Auntie Dawn

Here’s another Auntie – Auntie Vikki, who lives not far away and often comes to see us when Mummy’s away as well as when Mummy’s here.  Here’s a picture of her cuddling Midge, who lives in the run next to me.  Midge is Oscar’s brother, but they don’t get on.  Vikki had their mother and father, Belle and Tatum.  Vikki used to run the rescue, which is where lots of Mummy’s pigs came from.  That’s why they are friends.

Vikki with Midge
Vikki with Midge

Auntie Shirley also visits us sometimes, and she and Uncle Barry do our teeth.  You can read about their last visit here.

Aunties are very important people and we love them very much. ❤

Come back tomorrow when we’ll do letter B.

18 thoughts on “A for Aunties #AtoZChallenge

    1. Kevin

      That’s a great name! My Mummy’s friend who lives not far away had a lady piggy called Mrs Tiggy Wiggy Sparkle Pants. 😀 I like being just Kevin, though.
      Oh, I see your name is your name backwards!


  1. Auntie Dawn

    I remember that so well!! What a sweet boy he was. He was so comfortable with me that it was as if he’d known me for a long, long time.

    I still have that shirt. It’s one of my favorites. It’s for the Oregon Ducks, a college football (American football) team. I don’t care about football; I just like ducks. Silly Auntie.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Kevin

      Hi Auntie! Mwah! I’m glad you like ducks or you wouldn’t have had that tee shirt. Victor was a great chap. Everybody liked him. Have you seen Bertie & Biggles? Bertie & I snuggled in the same tent out on the grass this afternoon. Mummy couldn’t work out why I was so heavy when she picked the tent up to bring us in!


    1. Kevin

      Hi Auntie Hilary! Percy’s going to do all next week, then I’ll do the week after, then Percy’s back and I’ll finish. We’ve got it all worked out 😀


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