I don’t like September

It’s been cold and wet and then it got nice and sunny, but it was still wet.  How does that happen?

Mummy goes out on nice days with a towel, and comes in again a few minutes later with a wet towel.  She says she’s been drying the grass for us, so that we can go out later, if it’s dry enough.  Well, can’t you make it properly dry, Mummy?  She says she can only get the worst of the dew off (what’s dew?) and the sun has to do the rest, but the sun doesn’t come into the garden as early as it does in June and July.  We just have to wait and hope.

Frankly, waiting and hoping isn’t my strong point.  I want action, preferably NOW!  But then Mummy gets us out and puts us in our runs, and it’s a bit damp on the feet, but it’s nice in the sunshine, and I’d rather be out in the sunshine than not.  Colman doesn’t go out if it’s not properly dry, I’ve noticed.  Well, he’s an old man.  I’m young and fit and so are Dougall, Oscar and Midge.  We like it whether it’s slightly damp or not.  There won’t be too many more days we can go out, because it’s September and the leaves are falling from the trees, which means winter’s coming.

As long as we can have grass, I don’t care.

Dylan end August

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