Colman’s 7th birthday party

We don’t know when Colman’s birthday is, but we think he must be seven by now.  He came here at the end of April 2012, and Auntie PigPog said he was between 3 and 4 then.  That makes him between 6 and 7 last April, so he must be seven now.

Mummy had an official 5th birthday for him on 1st October, but his 6th was a year and a day later because it was all very sad last 1st October and none of us felt like a party.

On Friday she said we should have a party for him this weekend because he’s got kidney problems, and we might as well celebrate while the weather’s nice.

He seems to have quite a lot of things going on these days, things that need meds, but Mummy says it’s just because he’s very old, and we’re all still learning about how to make geriatric guinea pigs as comfortable as possible in their old age.  He gets an Oxbow Natural Science haycake for his arthritis, and a bit of metacam for the aches and pains that go with that.  And because he’s losing weight again Mummy is giving him Emeraid, which Uncle Victor used to have and he said it was yummy.  She’s a bit worried about this kidney problem.  He was doing pink wees last week and it wasn’t because he’d been eating blueberries and dandelion leaves (although he had been, a little).  At least he hadn’t been eating beetroot because we all know that makes pink wee and purple poops! 😀

Anyway, he’s on baytril with apple juice for a week in case it’s an infection, and Auntie Sally hopes that will be enough.  He’s certainly looking better, even after a couple of days on it.


Anyway, Saturday was nice enough to go out in the afternoon and we had a great time.  Colman made a beeline for his cake, which was huge because it had to fit all those candles on.  I gave him a big cuddle, which he didn’t seem to appreciate, and Kevin did too (when he wasn’t eating cake).  Dougall just went and sat in Kevin’s tent to avoid all the fuss.  Midge dropped in for a few minutes, but he found it all very strange, and went home again.  Oscar was too busy eating grass, but he and I don’t get on, so maybe Mummy left him there on purpose.

We all had bits of cake to take home with us.  It was really yummy.  Mummy makes it from mushed up pellets with added thyme and oregano.  Mmmm 😀

I hope he lives until his 8th birthday.  He’s a great chap, is Colman.  I like him a lot.

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