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Hello, Ludo here today. Mummy suggested I say something about us and George’s Guinea Pig World, to help people who joined us in the A to Z Challenge to settle in.

Our website

Our website was started by George, who was born in June 2007 and died on 17th May 2011. In our world we celebrate George’s day on 17th May (although sometimes we do it quietly).

George and his brother Fred were Mummy’s first guinea pigs, and they inspired her to become a writer.

In real life George was known as The Engineer because he did all sorts of clever engineering projects, and told Mummy how to make our first C&C run. Fred was known as the Philosopher, because he would gaze into space and think Deep Thoughts. You can see examples of their work in their posts. Mummy’s going to add some examples here:

Our Sidebar

At the top of our sidebar, your can see a gallery of “Calendar Boars”. These are photos of us. Mummy changes the group each month. It started as a copy of the calendar she made each year, but now she just does it for notable events. All the people in the gallery this month died in May. 8th Bertie, 9th Kevin, 17th George, 29th Victor and 31st Percy.

The rest of the sidebar is boring, but you might find it useful. It doesn’t change much, except to show Mummy’s latest posts, in case you’re interested.

Oh, and also our Notebook, which you can buy, and use it to write or draw in.

Tales from the Hutch

Under the blog title you can see a menu. Sometimes Mummy arranges new pages to show our adventures, or to write about our lives. Most of the writing here is by George or Mummy. Bertie and Roscoe did one about moving to Hampshire. I like the ones where they go on holiday. We went on holiday to the Peak District last year. On Friday we’re going to Dorset. Maybe I can write a new Tale from the Hutch for you.

holiday in the peak district cottage
Biggles is in the brown cage. I’m in the blue one. Locksley & Neville were in the run on the right

Our posts

We now post every Monday. In the past we’ve done it differently, but we do Mondays mostly.

If you want to know about something in particular, suggest we post about it. Sometimes it’s hard to think of something to say that hasn’t been said before.

Mummy says there are some posts where we’ve interviewed each other. Maybe I’ll find them for you and list them all together so you can learn more about us.

If we’re not here next week, it’s because our cottage hasn’t got wifi (that’s what Mummy said I should say). But Biggles may set his post up in advance like we did for the A to Z Challenge.

Thank you for joining us.


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