I’ve been visiting other blogs

Hello, Biggles here.

So, we’re doing the AtoZ Challenge, and we are on the list of Themes. And Mummy suggested I went visiting the other blogs that sounded like they’d have interesting things for us.

But, I had to sign in as myself on WordPress. That was scary! And some blogs I have to fill in their form in order to comment, and then they ask my email address to make sure I’m not a robot. As if!! And I do have an email address. But I never look at it, so if you find my email address, please don’t try to contact me on it.

Now I’m signed into WordPress on Mummy’s computer, and know how to change it, I bet Mummy ends up saying something as me. I must remember to ‘log out’. And sometimes that means doing something else as well when I get to a site. It’s all very confusing.

It’s easier on Blogspot blogs. I just use Mummy’s account, and tell people it’s me. Easier, but it doesn’t look so good.

Mummy also helped me tidy up our list of links you can see on the side. Lots of links had not been used for years. It made Mummy sad as there’s no way of knowing whether the people just got bored with it, or something sad happened to make them stop. Especially the ones that stopped in the last two years where the avirus might have stopped them. But we’ve added some new links, of people I’ve already met from the Theme List, and the people who came and said nice things last week. Some of them were on there already! (Aunties Noelle and Hilary were, but they are regulars.)

Mummy says I’m getting to be the most technical blogger there’s been on GGPW.

The bit she hasn’t treated is where the birds and wild animals feed

In other news… Mummy picked some grass for us the other day. Just a small handful. The grass from further down the garden is much nicer than the new grass she put at the top when she moved in. But she’s sowed ‘meadow grass’ around the top grass now. She says we could call it ‘the paddock’ if we liked. She’s also sown something called ‘tortoise mix’. It’s grass and herby plants suitable for tortoises to eat when they roam around. She says it should be suitable for us too – there’s not going to be anything in it we can’t eat, anyway.

And it’ll be spring soon. Officially.

I can’t wait!

Biggles xxx

7 thoughts on “I’ve been visiting other blogs

  1. Victoria Zigler

    You’re super smart! Other than your blog, and sometimes doing a post on Mummy’s blog, I usually just let Mummy do all the work. Saves me figuring out how to do it. That’s why I just post on her name.

    Tortoises eat good food. We have one, and I get to share what the tortoise gets. Though there are things I can have that the tortoise isn’t allowed. Or things I can have more of than the tortoise. Mummy said I should point out that in some cases that’s because I’m bigger than Artemis, who – being only a Hermann’s Tortoise – is only a small tortoise.

    Oh, and sorry I got in here so late this week. The Lilie dog is having some issues with her back paw, so Mummy’s been dealing with that (Lilie has to take Metacam right now, on top of the stuff she has for her skin irritation issues). And Mummy has also been busy with stuff with someone called ACB. I don’t know what that is, but I hear her talking to them on her computer.

    Squeak soon,

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    1. Hey Biggles, checking in on you as Mia, the dog, who is also blogging for the A to Z 🙂 we should make an exclusive club for non-humans! You will rock this. I normally let Missy do the commenting and visiting (a dog gotta sleep) but I had to make an exception for you 💚 see you soon pal!

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    2. Biggles

      I hope Lilie is okay or gets better, any way. I take Metacam too, on top of my heart meds. It does help. Glad to hear your comments on tortoise food. I hope Mummy’s seeds grow. I hope she doesn’t upset them with her mowing the grass today.


      1. Victoria Zigler

        I hope the seeds do grow well. Lilie’s having issues with her back legs. Apparently an issue the old vet never told us about. Hopefully she’s going to be OK, but she’s not using the right leg properly, and if she doesn’t start doing so soon will have to go back to the vet to have x-rays so they can see if they can make it better.

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