What are you doing for Christmas?

Way-aye, Roscoe here. It was good to have a week off last week, and I reckon Biggles did a great job, don’t you?

I’ve been busy turning up at other people’s Christmas parties. There’s this one with Auntie Sally, and this one with Auntie Sue (who we’re busy Thinking To, as well as to Auntie Mary), and her dog Ani. And Mollie’s friend Lilie was with Ani too.

We were all set for a happy Christmas, with Uncle James coming to stay, and us finding room for the extra hay boxes that are staying in his room to come into ours. Then somebody that keeps changing his mind decided we couldn’t have him to stay because he’s in a different area from us.

Mam’s a little down in the dumps, but she was very good yesterday. She told me she didn’t want to do anything, but she ought to go out for her in-the-woods competition. It’s got a proper name but I forget it. Anyway, it was a sunny day, so she went. She told me she was glad she had and she really enjoyed it. And her friend Mary couldn’t get any parsnips, and we’ve got plenty, so Mary is getting some of our parsnips. Mam likes them, but we don’t.

Mam spent most of the weekend watching her moving pictures that talk to her, some with horses, some with snow and ice, and some with dancing. The dancing was exceptionally brilliant, and she said the two best dances she’s ever seen on it were done on Saturday. So she’s keeping herself busy, and reorganising all her food schedules, now she’s going to be here with us, and nobody else.

Our food has been a little sparse the last couple of days. Short of green leaves, that is. We’ve had more carrot to make up for it, because Mam’s usually very stingy with our carrot portions. She says it makes us put on weight. I think she’s got lots of carrots, and lots of other veg we don’t eat, so she’s working out how to keep us in lettuce and cucumber over the next week. But in the new year she says we may well have to go without bought lettuce on several days. She’s saving our veggie patch veggies for then.

our veggie patch in summer
Our veggie patch in summer

I asked if it was the avirus that was killing the lettuces, and she says no, that’s just killing Christmas get-togethers. It’s the Exit that’s killing the lettuces. She’s been planning for the Exit, but she can’t store fresh lettuces for weeks for us. And one of her pots of lettuces she was trying to grow over winter died last night. There are others that are growing, though. We might get a leaf every now and then. But we’ve got plenty of hay, pellets and readigrass, so we won’t starve.

And we may still have our Christmas party, if Mam can remember what she did with our Christmas pudding.

It’s behind you, Mam!

(That’s from a pantomime, which is a traditional Christmas play).

Anyhow, that’s what we’re doing at Christmas. Well, what we’re not doing. Everything else will happen unintentionally. It’s called Improvisation, and we’ll enjoy it.

I hope you have a good Christmas.




PS Mollie, thanks for taking the trouble to comment on last week’s post, I reckon that means your Mam’s move has gone okay.


7 thoughts on “What are you doing for Christmas?

  1. Thank you Roscoe and it was a pleasure having you over for the party…thanks for such a lovely thank you note.. I wish you fresh lettuce and carrot sticks for Christmas and I am sure with exit Santa might bring some over with him… Happy Christmas to you and your mum… sending a big kiss… although I hear you have been giving those out willy nilly to all the girls…xxx

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  2. Yes, the move went OK. Thanks for asking. I even got a new – slightly bigger – cage out of the deal, so we’re so far all happy with the new place. Although, me, Lilie, Logan, and Artemis (Artemis is the tortoise… I don’t know if you’ve met her) all agree we could have done without the long hours of being in travel boxes to make it happen. Mummy says to tell your Mam she’s grateful for what she said in her eMail when we first told her about the move, but glad we got everything sorted alright. I don’t know what she’s talking about, but she says she’s sure your Mam will.

    Plans had to get changed here too because of Avirus, but Mummy says it’s OK, because there’s plenty of nibbles – including lettuce – we’ll get to briefly see Nana and Grandad on Christmas Day, and she wanted us to have the Solstice without visitors anyhow.

    We hope there won’t be lettuce issues in the new year. Mummy does especially, since it’s a big part of Artemis’ diet, and she’s not allowed as many of the other things to make up the difference as I am. She can have cabbage and a few other greens instead sometimes, but not only does she like lettuce best it’s also best for her, and it’s lettuce with a small amount of something else – usually some kind of herb, though from time to time it will be a bit of carrot or other veggie, and even less often it might be a tiny bit of fruit – that she has with her pellets each day. Lettuce is really not an easy thing to freeze and store for a long time, and freezing the veggies that will be feeding Artemis isn’t recommended anyhow, so Mummy really hopes there won’t be issues with getting hold of it when the Exit thing happens.

    Squeak soon,

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  3. Roscoe, this was a lovely Christmas blog, upbeat and positive, but I am so sorry Uncle James can’t visit. It’s worse where you are than here, but I feel certain that next year will be so much better – once everyone gets stuck with a needle containing something called a vaccine. We are waiting for it here. You guys don’t get it, so I am sure you will all be healthy – and well-fed from your description. Have a wonderful Christmas and love on your Mum.

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  4. Auntie Dawn

    I’m staying safe at home with the boys, the Satanic Conures, and Uncle.

    I’m sorry that Uncle James can’t come this year. I’m also sorry that Mummy and all the humans there have to deal with that stupid-haired, Brexit-loving bozo who’s in charge.

    Take care of Mummy. Love you!

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