Ten years of George’s Guinea Pig World

Today is ten years since George wrote his ‘Hello’ greeting to readers of his brand new blog.  I thought we could celebrate with a recap and a giveaway, which closes on 13th June.


George was a modest chap, very keen on new technology, and on engineering his surroundings to make them more comfortable for Fred and himself.  He was appointed Forum Mechanic of the Rodents With Attitude Forum (sadly no longer with us), and amused many people with his matter-of-fact way of solving their piggy problems.  He also mentored them on using the site.

George, Forum Mechanic

I could never understand how he knew so much more than I did about subjects like Computer Games when we were quizzing.

There’s plenty in this blog that gives you the story behind George, including his memorial post, which you can find on the drop-down menu above “Life chez George”.  The menu is repeated in the side bar near the bottom, as the balloons this month make it difficult to see!

George’s successors

When Percy was doing the 500th post he gave a good run-down of George’s successors as managers of this blog.  You can read that here.

I think George wouldn’t want the anniversary to pass without mentioning all the guinea pigs who have passed through our world here in the last ten years:

Fred, George, Victor, Hugo, Hector, Humphrey, Dylan, Dougall, Colman, Kevin, Oscar, Midge, Percy, Bertie, Biggles, Roscoe and Neville.



George’s other friends

But George considered all the guinea pigs he knew as part of his world.  Auntie Dawn’s pigs: Mariusz, Saku, Atticus, Willoughby, Roland, Augustus and Digby…  Uncle Bob and Auntie Doris’s pigs, too many to name, but we remember Blackbird, Lupin and Baden most of all.  Auntie PigPog brought us all together, and her pigs sadly were dispersed in the Great Escape from Jersey which is when Colman and Kevin joined us to make up the Jubilee Seven.  We still honour the Great Vladimir, Willow, Pogo and Mr Smallweed, among the others.

All these guinea pigs form the basis of characters in the Princelings of the East series, by Jemima Pett.  You can read more about those books here.

Princelings of the East series book covers

Please leave a comment about your guinea pigs or other pets.  We have a special place in our world for degus, and look forward to featuring an interview with Auntie Tori’s Joshua when the boys blog J in a few weeks time.

Blogging from A to Z #atozchallenge

Bertie and Roscoe are still blogging from A to Z once a week through to September. They’d be delighted if you’d join them on their journey.  Bertie posted on F yesterday.


Draft GGPW notebookAnd now for the Giveaway.  As promised earlier in the year, I am putting together an illustrated Notebook, with plenty of space for writing, drawing and squiggles, as well as beautiful photographs of George and his friends.  I haven’t quite finished it, but there is a Princelings of the East Notebook available if  the winner can’t wait.

There is also one runner-up prize of a Gift voucher.

Click the link below to enter (opens on a new page):

a Rafflecopter giveaway


16 thoughts on “Ten years of George’s Guinea Pig World

  1. hilarymb

    Hi George – congratulations to you and your mistress, as well as your many friends … 10 years is good – and I love the party celebrations here with your balloons … cheers Hilary

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  2. Congratulations on the tenth anniversary! I think I came on board somewhere around Humphrey – definitely by Dylan, and loved everyone of those pigs with attitude. They are so dear – and handsome – and so well cared for. They couldn’t have a better life!

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  3. Auntie Dawn

    I can’t believe it’s been 10 years! So many fond memories.

    George was brilliant yet humble. We should all be like him.

    Thanks for the shout out to my boys.

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    1. Tina G.

      Happy 10th Anniversary George!! Wonderful memories that you’ve shared. We have 2 indoor kitties and 2 outdoor kitties and a yellow labrador retriever in our family all of which are rescues!! We are thankful for them all and love them all!!


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  7. Jenny Ham

    I had a cat now suddenly I have 4 cats a mama and 2 kittens showed up and moved right in. It’s a full house but I enjoy the company.


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