Nothing happens really

Hello, Locksley here again.

This my last post for you this year. I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is.

Because on Friday it’s my birthday! I’ll be two years old, so I’ll start a new year! Mummy says we’re having a party in the garden, and she hopes we’ll all behave ourselves.

I don’t know what she means. I always behave myself. I think we all behave very well. As long as we don’t have to socialise too much. I suppose parties are social events, so we might have to. Well, maybe we’ll do that long enough to have a photograph together. It’ll be very different from last year. I shared my cake with Biggles and Neville last year. Mummy says it’s okay to still feel sad and miss them, but remember to be happy you knew them and have lovely memories of them.

neville, locksley and biggles plus cake
Neville, me and Biggles last year

It’s starting to be quite dry outside. I don’t know whether there’ll be much grass left by next week, although there are loads of trefoil plants which make it look green. They’re quite tasty, but not as good as grass. They have lots of yellow flowers, too. The bees like them a lot. I watched Ludo have a close encounter with a bee last week. He turned to eat right next to a flower and this bee flew up into his face! He was very surprised. He was fine though.

Mummy can’t put the hose on for the vegetables any more. It’s banned. She takes a watering can over to them every other evening instead. She does the pots and tomatoes every day though. I think Ludo told you last week, and Auntie Noelle realised what was going on, but Mummy filled up all her water holders to get ready.

But Mummy hunted through the cucumber plants which have grown enormous, and found enormous cucumbers on them too. She got five on Friday that weighed 1.7, which is even more than Ludo, then yesterday she found two more that weighed nearly as much as Pippin. I think she’s given quite a few away. But she’s cooked lots for herself, in something called soop, and something else called mooss. We can’t eat those as they have onion in them, or milk or something like it. But the cucumber tastes yummy because we’ve had it for cuddle time, and then the bits she trimmed off during her cooking.

She’s been watching people running around and jumping and throwing things again all week. Apparently there’s a couple of weeks break, and then it all happens again.

Oh, and Mummy hurt her shoulder in the night. She woke up on Friday morning and everything hurt. She’s taking human metacam and she says it’s starting to feel better. So that’s good. She’s not holding her arm in her cloth strap any more like she was at first, to keep it still. She manages to cuddle us okay, though. No interruption to service.

I’ll do my best to enjoy my birthday, and see you next time.


Locksley xxxx

5 thoughts on “Nothing happens really

  1. Happy Birthday, Locksley! This is quite a milestone and I hope you get lovely things to nibble on to celebrate. Yup, everything is very dry and we are also limited in watering. All our squash and cucumber plants have died because of the heat, we think, but we’ll plant more stuff for fall since our growing season is long. Have a lovely birthday and don’t mind the social part for just the one day!

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    Happy birthday for Friday, Locksley.

    Glad your Mummy’s plants and vegetables seem to be growing well. Sorry about her shoulder though… Good to hear it’s healing well. We got lucky and got a decent amount of rain here. Mummy and the dogs were really glad for the break from the heat. Looks like it’s back now though.


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  3. Locksley here. We’re not having a party today as it’s too hot. Mummy keeps looking at something and saying a number which starts thirty-something. She’s just told us it doesn’t look like it’ll cool down till dark, and even then it won’t go below twenty.

    It’s very warm, but we’ve had the blower on. I’m sitting on my cold block that Mummy gave each of us a little while ago. But we’re not even going out today, I don’t think.
    I hope Artemis is enjoying it.

    Oh, Mummy’s just asked if I’d like a bath. What do you think?


    1. Locksley here again – I didnt have a bath – I had cake! We eventually went out in the garden and Mummy gave me my cake with two candles on it, because I’m two! And then she gave half of it to the others. And she put the birthday banner up, too. I had a great birthday! (and no bath!)


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