Oscar and Midge are one year old today!

Happy birthday, Oscar and Midge!!

They each have a cucumber cake with a candle, some lavender, thyme and parsley on.  They loved them! (The candle was removed after the photos)


We did it!

We’ve finished the A to Z Challenge.

Mummy says we have to keep up our blogging now, maybe not every day, but decide when we’re going to do it and stick to it.  Maybe once a week.

Maybe we’ll do one a week.  Starting on Monday.

Today I’ll just tell you it’s May 1st and Mummy has changed the calendar.  I think the picture wasn’t that interesting, but it did include Humphrey in the garden so I’ve picked a different Humphrey in the garden picture for you.  There are small pictures of George and Victor in May, too, but that’s because it’s their anniversaries this month.

Colman and Hector are both feeling their age today, which is a shame as it’s Hector’s Official Birthday and he’s five years old today.  So we’re not having a party, but we wish Hector a happy birthday anyway.  Hector had his teeth trimmed by Mummy this morning, so no wonder he’s not feeling good. Colman just wants to sleep today.  He even left some of his red pepper, which he usually eats first.

Kevin and I are just recovering after our April Posting Marathon.  I’m glad I did it, but I don’t want to do it again.  It was nice to meet lots of lovely new people though.  Mummy says I have to post on Monday to talk about all the things I thought of in the A to Z, so I’ll talk about that then.

We’re two years old today!

Dylan is twoYay! Dylan here!

Dougall and I are two years old today.  Hurrah!  I don’t remember being born but I remember coming here three weeks later and living with Uncle Victor.  He was so big then!  Now he’s very small and I always wash his eyes and make sure he’s keeping himself clean.  He lives next door with Humphrey, but we have floor time everyday where I can check up on him. Continue reading “We’re two years old today!”