Victor would have been nine years old today

Kevin reporting today, since I knew Victor.  He was a grand old man when I arrived, although then he was only four.  He lived till he was six and one-quarter, or thereabouts, and he was the friendliest and most amiable guy you could imagine.  Humphrey was friendly too, but a little more reserved.

Victor's 6th birthday
Victor’s 6th birthday

I suppose I may have met him on the floor in the kitchen beforehand, but I always remember the day of the Queen’s Jubilee [in 2012], when we had a party in the garden, all seven of us – Victor, Humphrey, Hector, Dylan, Dougall, Colman and me.

Our party in the park arena
Our party in the park arena
The Jubilee Seven
The Jubilee Seven

Those were the days!

There are lots of posts written by him on here – you can click his photo in the ‘Authors’ at the bottom, and read more of his wise words and reportage.

In other domestic news: Mummy washed my tent the other day and the wire on the base broke, but she says it’ll be okay for sitting in until the better weather comes.  I wonder if that means she’ll get me a new one, or whether she’s got another hanging around not being used?  She also mixed in some new stuff called ‘muesli’ with my pellets.  She said Victor liked it, and she thought I might too.  Such a kind Mummy ❤

2 thoughts on “Victor would have been nine years old today

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I had the honor of meeting him. He and my Saku are the sweetest, gentlest pigs I’ve ever known.

    Uncle cleaned out his bottom. It was the ultimate boar-bonding moment. 😀

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  2. Yes, you have a good human taking care of you! I didn’t know Victor until after he passed over the rainbow bridge, and having lived that long, I’m sure his passing was very sad for all of you.
    On the bright side, spring is coming and you’ll all be outside regularly!

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