It’s all over bar the thunderstorm

Hello, Biggles here again.

The Olympics are over. It’s gone very quiet in our house. Mummy was always watching something. Sometimes she was watching two different things at the same time, one on her little computer and another on the big one. Mostly it was horses, or running, jumping and throwing people, or twizzling people, and occasionally people in or on the water. I don’t think I’d mind being on the water, especially if it was hot (as long as their was a nice tent to give me plenty of shade) but I don’t want to be in it, thank you very much. My annual bath is quite enough!

The weather’s gone cool and showery, and this morning it’s gone bang crash again. Mummy keeps saying she needs to do things in the garden. She nips out for about half an hour then dashes back in again, but I think she’s usually finishing little jobs. She says she’s not getting much done with the bigger ones, though.

I’m the only one here who loves beans. I’m in heaven! It’s a bean feast at the moment. Mummy has two types of beans growing, green ones on low bushes, and purple ones on tall bushes. They taste almost as nice as each other, but I slightly prefer the purple ones. They are all called French beans, I don’t know why, so please don’t ask me. Mummy gives us all the ends when she cooks them for herself, and then next day I get the ones Victor and Locksley leave. Ludo has started to eat his, but Mummy gives only me whole ones, unless she has masses.

biggles eats beans

Locksley is funny. If Victor doesn’t eat something, he won’t eat it either. He watches me eating things up that he leaves, and you’d think he’d at least give them a try, but no.

Anyway, we’ve a couple of things happening this week.

Tomorrow we come out of mourning for Roscoe. We still miss him very much, but there’s a time to move on, and I think we’re also getting used to not having him here.

On a happier note, Thursday is Locksley’s first birthday! We hope the weather’s going to be good enough to have a birthday party outside. We just don’t know what Ludo’s going to do. Is he going to come to the party? Is he going to have a piece of cake on his own? Wait and see!


Biggles xxxx

3 thoughts on “It’s all over bar the thunderstorm

  1. God to hear from you Biggles! We were also watching all the running, and throwing and swimming etc – it is very quiet today here, too! I LOVE beans, one of my favorite veggies. If I were there I’d probably eat them all up! They are good for you so keep chomping!

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    I like how our weather is right now. It’s not cold, but it’s not too warm either, and sometimes it’s sunny, but other times it’s wet, which is OK, because there’s no thunderstorms. Mummy says there’s some on the coast not far away, otherwise the seagulls wouldn’t keep coming to visit us this far inland, and she wishes the storms would come to us instead, but personally I’d rather they didn’t. I’m not really very scared of thunderstorms, but I’m not a big fan of them either, and sometimes they make the power go out so I can’t have my music any more, which I really don’t like. They also sometimes make the Logan dog cry, which I think he does too much of as it is, so that’s another reason to hope Mummy doesn’t get her way with the storms. Anyway, I hope the weather is good enough that you can have a nice party for Locksley, and that Ludo will join in the celebrating. Squeak soon, Mollie

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  3. hilarymb

    Hi Biggles … I too have been rather pre-occupied … but I thought you’d enjoy my Squirrel Olympics Leapathon that I’ve highlighted in my recent post.
    Enjoy your party and I hope the weather holds up … looks like it should do … those beans sound very good – cheers Hilary

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