Roscoe's Christmas gift 2018

The Last Day of the Year

Way-aye, Roscoe here.

It’s the last day of the year, Mam reckons.  She also says she doesn’t really know what day it is, although she did manage to turn up on the right day for her golf and to collect Uncle James, who’s staying at the moment. I reckon I saw Uncle James last year, but I don’t remember him too well. He seems like a nice chap, anyway.

Last week, the day after Bertie posted, it was Christmas day.  We had presents that Mam helped us unwrap while we had our Christmas morning cuddles.  Neville and I have a wonderful box with hay inside it and grass on the outside.  It makes a lovely noise when we chew it, too.  Bertie and Biggles are jealous, even though they each got a couple of tasty sticks that hang on the side of the cage.

What we didn’t reckon on was Mam deciding we’d got invisible mites making us scratch too much.  Well, something was kind of itchy.  Even Bertie started scratching , so Mam stuck some wet stuff behind our ears the day after Christmas.  It was okay at first, and the next day, but as time went on I didn’t feel like eating much, and neither did Nev or Bertie. Mammy asked us if we were poorly, we were so quiet.

But next day we felt fine again, and she weighed us all and said we were still too heavy and hadn’t lost any weight last week. It was all those yummy carrots we had on our holiday, Mammy.

Between you and me, I reckon Mam’s been eating too many carrots this Christmas too.  She says we all have to do more exercise and eat less starting today and onwards into the new year. I’ll be right behind you, Mam.

Happy new year!




Dougall’s gift to us all

I’ve been feeling a bit itchy.  Midge said he was itchy, and that Oscar was very itchy, and that made him very grumpy.  I thought Oscar was always grumpy, but maybe I’m being unkind.

Dougall with his haircut off

Anyway, Mummy got itchy on her wrist and guessed what the cause was.  So we’ve all had Ivermectin spot-on to get rid of our mites, or lice, or whatever was making us itchy.  And Mummy thinks that they jumped off Dougall onto Dylan and Oscar, then jumped off Dylan onto me and the others.  And then she remembered what a terrible time Dougall had with mites when he was little, around the time he grew his hair, then had it cut off to help him control the mites. Around the time when Mummy got her sore eyes, which have recently been diagnosed as an allergic reaction causing eczema, whatever that is.  Well, it’s a sore and red itchiness round Mummy’s eyes, that has had her unhappy for – well, nearly four years.  And it’s been a lot better since Christmas, but then the specialist gave her a cream which fixed it.  And then Dyl went, and Mummy says she hasn’t even got the runny nose now, although that could just be coincidence that her cold has finished.

Poor Mummy – all that time she’s been suffering because of being allergic to Dougall and Dylan.

She’s says she’d rather have the itchy eyes and have them back, though.

I love Mummy.  She’s wonderful ❤

Dougall’s getting better

You know Dougall had all his hair cut off because of his mites?  And we all had to have stuff to make sure we didn’t have mites?  Well, Dougall is much better.  He’s happier too.  I can tell because he’s all relaxed and smiling.  He’s getting fat too.  I tell him he has to run around more like me, instead of hiding in the corner feeling itchy.  He says he might. Continue reading “Dougall’s getting better”

First of May!

I’m really sad because the A to Z Challenge is over!  I enjoyed it so much. It was great fun having a piece on the theme of food every day.  It was a lot of work and Mummy helped a lot.  Thank you Mummy.  I have to do a ‘reflections’ piece on 7th May.  I’m thinking about that.  But first I must bring you up to date.  We have had lots going on at our house, but I didnt want to spoil the nice flow of letters in the Posts list.  Dylan jumped in though – that boy! Continue reading “First of May!”