Mummy had a birthday party!

Hello, Ludo here.

We discovered why Mummy was so busy the week before. And she’s been just as busy this week. She had a birthday party with her friends. And she made the birthday cake the week before when she spent all that time in the front room. And guess what!


We were on the cake!

She painted pictures of us with icing all around the side of the cake. On top there was a big 0 for her 0th birthday. That must be a very big number. I don’t think any of us ever got as far as 0. She said the side of the cake went all lumpy, but she did her best. I think it’s wonderful. Here are the pictures of Me, Locksley, Victor and Pippin. You can just about make out Roscoe and Neville in front of us (Bertie & Biggles are in front of them), and the famous Fred and George who started it all behind us – starting the procession around the cake.

And as well as the party in a park, with cream tea (sounds yuk to me), lots of people came in for a few minutes before dashing out with Mummy again. Auntie Rebecca stayed longest, a couple of nights, and they went out all day between parties. It was quite exhausting sitting in our runs listening to it all, but peaceful when they’d left. And whenever Mummy came back she gave us grass time.

Except Thursday.

Mummy was in all day Thursday, and did a Bat watch. And it rained so we couldn’t go out.

Pippin and Victor went to see Dr Rebekah on Friday. Victor pulled a muscle in his back at the weekend and Mummy had been giving him Metacam, which helped. Dr Rebekah said to give him it twice a day, not just once. Victor loves Metacam. I’m now having Metacam too. Mummy told the doctor I’d been having Biggles’ Nutracys as I had dark wee, and Dr Rebekah gave me more Nutracys as we’d run out, and said to put me on Metacam till it clears up. Metacam is delicious, so I’m very happy about that. Nutracys is funny stuff. I’m not sure I like it, but it’s doing me good, I think.

And this weekend Mummy spent both days at a book fair. She sold lots of books on Saturday, and hardly any on Sunday. I think Mummy should stay home with us on Sundays. Don’t you agree?

Till next time


Happy Independence Day to all our American friends!


5 thoughts on “Mummy had a birthday party!

  1. Auntie Dawn

    That cake is wonderful. Mummy certainly is talented, isn’t she? I’m glad she had fun for her birthday.

    Yes, she should stay home with you on Sundays.

    Love you all! I hope you and Victor feel better very soon.

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    That’s really cool about your pictures being on the cake. And, yes, I think if she’s going to go out all those other days she should definitely stay home with you on Sundays.


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  3. Your Mum is a talented cake decorator and I bet it was delicious but not for your tummies, Ludo. It sounds like it was a grand party and I’m glad to hear all of you boys are doing well, health-wise!

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  4. hilarymb

    Happy Birthday to Mummy – sounds like you all had a good time … doing what you all do – parties, extra grass, cake making and decorating with favourite peoples … looks rather delicious. But I empathise with Victor – I’m trying to avoid a bad back … it comes and goes … but congratulations to Jemima – big ‘O’ birthdays aren’t bad – we seem to live in an age when there’s at least another ahead!! Cheers and well done on the book sales – yes Ludo, definitely stay at home on Sundays!! Hilary

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