Christmas is coming!

Have you seen our new pictures on the sidebar?  Mummy’s been copying her calendar pictures all year and this month we’re more or less all on it.  More or less, because last year Midge and Oscar didn’t get their Christmas photos done for some reason.  I don’t think Mummy did a photoshoot.  But she’s going to do one today, she said when I asked her.  So Midge, Oscar, and Percy will all get to do silly things with santa hats and whatever else Mummy sets up for this year.  I’m excited!

I wonder what we’ll get for Christmas this year?  I’d like something edible, I think.  I think we’d better work out what to give Mummy, too.  Maybe we can make her a special Christmas tree out of chewed newspaper?  It’s an idea, anyway.

What are you giving your best friends for Christmas?


The last of the six

Hector died on Thursday.  He was the last of us who actually knew George, Fred and Hugo.  To me they are all legends.  Hector didn’t say much about them, apart from Hugo.  He was a big fan of Hugo.  He taught him (Hector) most of what he knew, about how to get on with piggies in a real home, that is.  And a few other things about Being A Pig.  Like standing up at the side of their cage and looking into ours.  Hugo did it to Fred and George, Hector did it to Victor and me and Dougall, and now Oscar does it to me and Dougall.

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