It’s nearly Christmas!

Hello, Locksley here.

It’s December and it’s three weeks till Christmas. Mummy says that none of her family make much of it these days, and she’ll be having a nice quiet day at home with us.

But everybody expects people to dress up and have decorations, and send cards, so she’s still doing something about that.

Last week we did our Christmas photoshoot.

We sat on the table, which Mummy had arranged so it was nice and bright, with a background of the curtain, which was in front of the chairs, and you could slide down the curtain onto the chair if you discovered the gap. That was fun. (Yes, I discovered it, although Pippin had the first go, and told me).

I say ‘we’ sat on the table. First of all, Ludo sat there and had his photo taken, then I went on the table and Ludo came where we sit in the mornings for cuddles. He glared at me when I came back, but I ignored him. Then Victor had his photo taken. He didn’t appreciate the Santa hat. Mummy said he was just like Colman, kept throwing it off. She took enough photos till she thought there might be one good one, then had a go with Pippin.

Well, Pippin never stays still anyway. Mummy says it was like herding cats, even though there was only one. She took lots of photos of him, some almost with the hat on, and then she put us all on the table for the group photo.

And then she set us in our positions on the table for our group photo.

Then she set us in a different order for our photo.

Then she just took photos.

So, we weren’t too interested in sitting still for our group photo. She says she might put us on the sofa some time this week and try again. Maybe we’ll be quieter without having photo excitement beforehand.

Mmm… I dunno. What do you think?

See you next time

Locksley xxxx


3 thoughts on “It’s nearly Christmas!

  1. Victoria Zigler

    Quiet days are nice. Sorry you guys had to do the dress-up thing. The dogs did (wait until you see the photos Mummy will be posting on Friday on the blog) but they didn’t make me wear a hat or anything.


    Liked by 1 person

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