We’ve been busy this week

Way-aye, Roscoe here.

I was going to tell you so many things about our week, but now I’ve forgotten most of them. The two most important are these:

Mam and I discussed the blog, and decided to invite Biggles to join me as co-presenter. He said yes, as long as I showed him what to do, so I’m showing him right now.

It’s a good one to show him because we have NEW PHOTOS!

Yes we had our Christmas Photoshoot yesterday. I thought it was going to be really boring at first. Mam took me through to the other room where we have our cuddles, and gave me a brush to make my coat look good. Then she sat me down on the red towel, which had been specially washed. And there was a spotlight all set up, and decorations around the set, and it looked really nice.

Then I thought, oh no, it’s the silly hat again. But she fooled me and took the first photos without it. There’s one of my best side with me looking really cool.

Roscoe Nov 2020

Then she brought Nev in, and we did the joint silly hats thing. Nev doesnt mind, but I threw mine off eventually. Mam said it was the best one of Neville, so she’s cropped my blurred image out of it. Sounds good to me.

Then Biggles came to join us. Do you want to do this bit?

Okay then. Yes, I came to join them, but I didn’t do hats till later, because there are only two hats, I think. Mummy took a nice photo of the three of us under the wreath. Then Mummy went and got the two new boys.

Neville, Roscoe and Biggles, Nov 2020

Yes, Ludo and Locksley. She had a right time with them, because she wanted to bring them in their box. We could hear her talking to them, I think Locksley jumped out and tried to hide away.

Ludo said he thought if they went in the box they were going back to the rescue. But they didn’t.

Ah, I see that. Not a silly thought, really. They’ve probably been here about the time they were in foster, so he thought he’d be on the move again. Well, they got moved all the way to the front room. I reckon Mam wanted to make sure she could put them somewhere safe if there was any trouble.

Do you think she was surprised we all got on so well?

I think she was delighted. She was really pleased with the photos she took, and said we, that’s you and me, did very well at getting them to sit nicely.

Yes, you calmed Ludo down well, and Locksley needed just a little bit of encouragement to come out of the corner and sit with us.

They’re nice boys, very polite. And then we came back to our run.

Have you noticed how hairy Locksley’s getting? He’s got longer hair than me. Oh, then I stayed and had my hat photo taken, and then Ludo and Locksley had their hat photo taken. What does Mummy do with the photos?

We’ll put them on here at Christmas time. She says I can post these ones today though.

I was going to tell you about the rest of the week but I can’t remember what happened now. Oh, Neville had his hair cut. Mam talked on the phone a lot, or to the computer. I can’t remember what it was about. Maybe one of us will tell you next week.

Have a good week yourself,


Roscoe xxxxx

and Biggles

Yes, and Biggles.

What happens now?

We put the photos in, and then we set it up to get published. Watch carefully, you’ll be doing it next week.

2 thoughts on “We’ve been busy this week

  1. Glad you were all willing to pose for your photos, and got on so well – even the new chaps. I can see why they’d be worried about going in the box. Hopefully this helped reassure them they won’t be going back to the rescue place.

    Also, that’s great that Biggles will be helping out with posting sometimes from now on. I’m sure you’ll do great at helping him figure out what he’s meant to do.

    Squeak soon,

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