Introducing Mr Percy


He arrived Saturday last week, the 14th.  I didn’t talk about him last week because we had other things to talk about and anyway, I hadn’t had much to say to him by then. Continue reading “Introducing Mr Percy”


First of May!

I’m really sad because the A to Z Challenge is over!  I enjoyed it so much. It was great fun having a piece on the theme of food every day.  It was a lot of work and Mummy helped a lot.  Thank you Mummy.  I have to do a ‘reflections’ piece on 7th May.  I’m thinking about that.  But first I must bring you up to date.  We have had lots going on at our house, but I didnt want to spoil the nice flow of letters in the Posts list.  Dylan jumped in though – that boy! Continue reading “First of May!”