The Magnificent Seven ride again!

Auntie Vikki came round today and helped Mummy put Oscar and Midge in the clean cage next door.  Midge spent the rest of the day in the grassy hutch in the corner by my hammock.

Midge 04102014

Auntie says he does that, sits and thinks about things and then decides what to do about them.  Oscar runs around a lot more.  Well he ran around the back of the cage and eventually settled in the other grassy hutch.

I haven’t seen them since.  I havent even seen them eat the grass Mummy picked for us just before the rain started.  I’d go and eat it for them, but the front of their cage is down so I can’t get in.  I don’t ever remember the front of the cage being down before.  I think I heard Auntie Vikki says he likes to throw himself out of cages!

Appparently they are pure-bred Rexes.  They have a family tree that goes over two pages and they are descended from Gunnar the Magnificent.  I’m like everyone else here, an honourable mixture.

Now there are seven of us again.  It’ll be fun!

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