Say hello to Ludo and Locksley!

Way-aye, Roscoe here! And I’m all happy and excited (and wet as I had Spot-on behind my ears to make sure I didn’t have any itchers itching me.)

We have new boys! Now we are Five!

I’m going to get Mam to tell you more about them, because I don’t understand what she’s saying. It can’t be right. And if she says it, you’ll know I haven’t made it up.

I meant to interview Mam with your questions, but I’ll do that another time.

So, Mam went out on Wednesday and came home on Thursday with Ludo and Locksley. Ludo is the baby. No, that’s wrong. Locksley is the baby. In a strange twist, they are named after characters in her Princelings books. The rest of us have characters in her Princelings books named after us. Even Neville and me. We’re in the new one coming out on Thursday. You can buy it on special offer until mid-October.

Mam with Locksley and Ludo in their tunnel. Nev and I are eating hay in the background


Ludo is a black and white (with a tan splash on his behind) smooth-haired guinea pig. He’s about eighteen months old. How do you know that?


“He’s got very fine nails, Roscoe. Your nails were already quite thick when you came to me, so I knew you were well over two years old. Ludo is definitely less than two, and from his size Auntie Sophie and I think he’s closer to one year old than two.”

Okay. How did he come to be in rescue? I didn’t understand what you said about a hutch.

“I’m not sure I understand either. Sophie told me that someone had bought a hutch from a person locally, through an ad online or in a paper, and when she got it home she discovered a guinea pig in it. They contacted the hutch’s former owner, who said they didn’t want it. They only have sows, so the piggy, who they called Boris, came to Sophie’s and he’s been there about a month or two.”

So was he all wild? Had they just ignored him for ages?

“I don’t know. It’s something I’d like to ask, too. He looks very well now, and not skinny at all, although he’s quite light (1 kg), but that’s probably because he’s still young.”

It explains why he’s so scared, though. Mam agrees with me. She’s noticed in particular he’s scared of things moving above him. She thinks he’s suffering from agora-fobia because he’s only been in dark hutches for most of his life. So far he mainly stays in his snuggle tunnel, but Neville does that, too.

But once she’s picked him up he’s okay, and sat nicely for his first red towel photo. He’s got very good silky hair and he’s very smart-looking. He rumbled at me through the bars though. I thought he was probably nervous, so I just smiled politely and chatted back quietly, like Mam does.


Mam said she thought he was grey and maybe he’ll turn out to be a Rex and look like Biggles. But today she thought he was a slate and might have longer softer hair. He’s full of beans and doing everything a baby should, including giving her a look that reminded her of Dylan when he was the same age. Oops. Can we cope with another Dylan?


He was born in the wild and came into rescue when he was just a few days old, along with his mam, brother and sisters. Mam says he’s entirely normal for his age.

That means trouble, I reckon.

“Yes, but only of the good kind.”

If you say so, Mam.

So that’s our new boys, and it’s really nice to have them living next door, even if they’re very quiet at the moment. Well, Ludo’s quiet. Locksley is constantly squeaking when he’s investigating the cage and popcorning. Ludo popcorned in the evening, so he must be settling in. But mostly they hide in their tunnel.

Come to think of it, they sit side by side in that tunnel. Even Bertie filled it completely, and he was not as big as me.

I’ll update you next week. Bye for now…

Roscoe xxxxx

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