Introducing Mr Percy


He arrived Saturday last week, the 14th.  I didn’t talk about him last week because we had other things to talk about and anyway, I hadn’t had much to say to him by then.

He arrived on a very wet and dull Saturday afternoon.  Mummy said she saw him in the pet shop in the ‘Animals for adoption’ section the day before.  He’d been given to a rescue who send some of their animals to the pet shop to get them a bigger audience, whatever that means.  Mummy said he looked beautiful, but at 5 years old, and nearly all black, you’d think not many people would pick him as opposed to one of the cute babies they had.  He’s just got a little ginger spot on the back of his neck, otherwise he’s black.  I’m sure I heard Mummy said she wouldn’t have another black pig some time ago.  But these photos are from his cage in the petshop and his first reaction to living here.

Apparently he’d been living with a rabbit all that time, and when his owners moved they couldn’t take them with them.  The rabbit was for adoption too and he was all black, Mummy said.  Anyway, Mummy told us all about him, and how he’d fit in really well since he was an Older Pig, and I suppose she’s right.  He seems very self-contained; instead of hiding for the first day he sat down in his cage and ate his nice fresh hay like he’d been there forever.

His name used to be Mr Pig, but Mummy’s been calling him Mr P or Mr Percy all week, to get him used to the idea.  He seems very happy with it.  I reckon he’ll just be Percy before long, since we all get called Mr someone when Mummy’s being stern with us.

He seems like a nice chap.  He’s learned to wheek in hope when Mummy comes in from the garden.  I think he’s got a few teeth problems because she cuts his carrots up in sticks, then he can eat them.  I’ll tell you more when I get to know him better.

3 thoughts on “Introducing Mr Percy

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Welcome, Percy! I’m sure Mummy told you all about your Crazy American Auntie. You’ll get used to me soon enough. XO


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