First of May!

I’m really sad because the A to Z Challenge is over!  I enjoyed it so much. It was great fun having a piece on the theme of food every day.  It was a lot of work and Mummy helped a lot.  Thank you Mummy.  I have to do a ‘reflections’ piece on 7th May.  I’m thinking about that.  But first I must bring you up to date.  We have had lots going on at our house, but I didnt want to spoil the nice flow of letters in the Posts list.  Dylan jumped in though – that boy!

Firstly, we have hardly been out on the grass at all in April because it’s been raining most days.  We went out yesterday when Mummy came home though.  Sometimes Mummy brought some grass and leaves in to us when it was still too damp on the ground to go out.  Or not too damp but still too cold.  And there has been thunder and lightning some days as well.  This has made us a bit fed up.  Hector got very fed up and started getting irritable.  Dougall got mites and I suppose it’s possible we all had a few extra mites.  That might have made Hector extra irritable.  But that’s no excuse for biting Mummy’s thumb!  That was really wicked of him.  I told him so.  He was cross with me and we had an argument too.  He’s been having a go at Humphrey too.  Poor Humphrey never does anything wrong.  I don’t know why Hector took it out on him.  Mummy gave us all mite treatment, and Dougall had extra spray stuff morning and evening too.  Then she gave us all a second batch of the mite treatment on Friday.  Just in case there were any left.  Actually I feel much better.  I hope Dougall gets well soon though.  He’s a sweet boy but he’s been very sore indeed.

The big news is we have new piggies in the living room.  We live in the kitchen, unless we are in the upstairs run with Mummy and the computer.  Well, she and it aren’t in the run, just next to it.  It’s how I can blog to you.  But we had a run in the living room for a couple of weeks until Mummy decided that Hector didn’t like that change in his routine. But it gave her the idea that these two pigs could live in the living room.  Their names are Colman and Kevin and they arrived yesterday after a very long journey.  We are looking after them for Auntie PigPog.  I am looking forward to meeting Colman and hearing about all the piggies we knew so well before the tunnels closed.  I don’t know when that will be.  This is a picture of them though:

As you’ve seen, we’ve appointed Dylan to be a reporter.  He does tend to keep on at you until he gets his own way.  I thought it would shut him up.  He’s itching to start reporting and I told him he could report on Hector’s birthday party.  We’re having that later today. I must admit I’m not feeling so well at present. Maybe it’s best that Dylan takes over the blog. I’ll still be editor-in-chief. And I’ll do posts from time to time. When I feel like it. I’ll do the one I need to do on Reflections on the A to Z Challenge thing next, ready for May 7th.

I hope the weather gets better soon.  Mummy says the vegetables aren’t growing properly yet, so we’ll have to make do with what we get.  If we get grass I won’t mind.

I hope you enjoyed my A to Z Food blog. I hope you’ll keep coming now that you’ve met us.

6 thoughts on “First of May!

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Shall I sing the song for you? “Those April showers / That come your way / They bring the flowers / That bloom in May.” No, maybe I shouldn’t sing. Lol. You get my drift, though. Hang in there.

    Be patient with Hec. I agree that he should not have bitten Mummy. But he didn’t have a good early life like you and Hugolicious did, so he needs some understanding when he shows some behavioral problems.

    I’m sorry you aren’t feeling up to par, Vic. I wish I could give you and Doug and everyone a huge hug.

    Dylan. Sigh. The most Mariusz-like of the younger set. What to do with him? Not much except give in, as I learned with M. Just make sure he’s happy and safe, and set him on his way! At heart, though, M was a good boy, as is Dyl. He shows promise as a reporter, and under your tutelage he’ll do well, I’m sure.

    Colman and Kevin are very cute boys, and I’m looking forward to hearing all about them.

    Love you, Muffin. XOXOX


    1. Victor

      Thank you Auntie Dawn. That’s a nice song. Hec is a little bit better today. I think he’s realised how bad he was. You can’t tell him anything though. Mummy will probably tell you later about what I did when she picked me up today. It probably isnt polite of me to say in public. It was a huge relief to me though 🙂


  2. Whee thought your A-Z challenge was really good but worried you wouldn’t post so much now it done. Whee can’t wait to hear more about the new boys on the block and Dylan’s reporting skills.

    Maybe he could investigate how loud you need to wheek to make your slave come? (we are doing this with our Mummy and have wheeked all day! I think she is getting cross now. Haha!)

    Piggy lips and lovin’
    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy


    1. Victor

      Generally speaking we think it’s rude to wheek loudly at Mummy. I do when I’m really worried, but Fred & George taught us not to. It’s exciting whenyou hear the fridge door open or the bags rustle though.


  3. I’ve been reading your A to Z April Challenge posts and have been intrigued. My chickens get mites too and I dust them with Karbadust. Works perfectly, kills the mites and stops the itching.
    Anyway, glad to hear you have new friends and are still blogging. I’ll keep up publishing posts as and when I have something interesting to write, there are quite a few things I’d like to catch up on that happened over the Challenge dates. I’m kind of like you in that I kept April for the challenge, also not wanting to disrupt the flow of posts.
    Bless you all, Geoff.


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