Should I have a bath and a haircut?

Hello, Locksley here.

We’ve had more hot weather but we got through it. Thank you Mummy for your usual routine of closing the curtains after letting the cooler air in at night, keeping out the sun as it shines into our room.

One morning when it felt hot, I think it was Wednesday, it hadn’t cooled down overnight. Mummy sat me on her lap as usual for morning cuddles and brushed my hair. But she brushed it up the wrong way! It felt very weird.

She chatted to me about having a bath and also having all my hair cut off while it was hot. I don’t mind trying a bath, but I don’t think she should cut my hair. Although it is long, and it is hot underneath it. Mummy just measured it for me – it’s 3 inches or 8 cms. I look at the other boys and they’ve all got short hair that just lies smoothly across their bodies. Mine holds the heat, although Mummy says it might also insulate me to some extent. I think that means it keeps the outside heat away from my body.

Neville used to have haircuts, but Biggles never did. Apparently Dougall had to have all his hair cut off one year, but it grew back long and luscious as usual. Neville said it didn’t take long for his hair to grow again. Roscoe used to have his long tail cut off, and a neat backside trim. I’ve got the same sort of tail, like a Sheltie would have. Roscoe’s grew back. I suppose we could try that. I’m not sure I want all my hair cut off like Dougall did.

A bath sounds nice though. Biggles used to love his baths. Maybe I should have one of those, and Mummy can trim my tail.

What do you think?

Till next time


Locksley xxxx


2 thoughts on “Should I have a bath and a haircut?

  1. Victoria Zigler

    The bath would definitely be a good idea. The haircut… Well, it depends if you have fur that’s trapping the heat in or keeping it out. If it’s the kind of fur that’s making you hotter, and your Mummy thinks she can do it, a haircut would be a good idea. If your fur is helping to keep the heat out though, you should keep it. I’m glad tortoises like me don’t need to worry about this kind of thing. ~Artemis

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  2. I think a bath and a hair cut would be lovely! And maybe a medium trip of the hair to lighten up its weight but still have some insulation. Let me know what happens!


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