Apparently it’s still hot

Hello Ludo here.

We’ve had another week where most days we’ve been in the room with our curtains closed till late afternoon. Mummy opens the door in the evening and keeps it open all night to make the room cooler. And she puts the blowy thing on when she thinks the house needs it.

I must admit, I like it like this. I’m very content lying in my run, watching Mummy at her computer, and I don’t mind when the blowy thing blows air across me. I don’t think any of us mind at all. Although Mummy has taken away our tunnels, which I think is a bit much. I mean, I like lying in my tunnel. It makes me feel secure. She thinks it makes me too hot. Well, I hadn’t noticed.

The builders next door have been making noises again. Mummy warned us about them coming to our side of the house and making noises on Sunday (yesterday) but they were no noisier than the golf thing Mummy was watching on her computer. People kept cheering and groaning. Mummy sometimes cheered or groaned too, but in a restrained way.

She went out occasionally in her car, and came in saying it was hot out. I don’t think we’d have known that if she hadn’t said.

I suppose when we eventually go out on the grass it is warmer than inside, but it gets cooler quite quickly. She usually feeds the hedgehogs when she brings us in. One of the hedgehogs poked his nose over our doorstep one evening. I expect he wonders who were are.

It’s supposed to be even hotter today and tomorrow. Mummy’s going out for the day on Thursday, but says the weather should be just pleasant then. I hope she’s right.

Keep cool or warm enough where you are.



3 thoughts on “Apparently it’s still hot

  1. I’m so sorry it’s hot there, Ludo. We are sharing in your suffering from the heat (although it sounds like you are handling it well). It’s been 33 degrees plus here for two weeks and more of it on the way. A very hot summer here. I hope you and all the boys are still doing well.

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    It’s been very hot here too. Especially yesterday and Monday. At one point even I was wishing it would cool down a bit. We’ve had blowy things on loads, and lots of water for everyone. Anyway, I’m glad you guys are managing to cope with the heat, and hope that continues to be the case.

    Have any of you ever come close enough to greet the hedgehog?


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