It’s been hot again

Hello, Locksley here.

It’s been hot this weekend and it’s going to be hot all week. Uncle James told Mummy it was going to be very very hot next weekend, but maybe not where we are.

All it really means to us is that Mummy closes the door and the curtains when she comes in to us in the morning, and all the windows and curtains around the house. Then she doesn’t open them again until the last afternoon when it’s okay for us to go out in the shade in our runs.

I’ve noticed that in the past. We can have shades over our runs, but if the sun is shining on them it’s still hot under the shades. If we’re in the shade from the sun, we don’t need covers to shade us, and it’s okay.

All shady in the garden

Yesterday we went out when Mummy said it was cooler outside than in. I did think it was getting warm in our room. She said it was 25 in both places. I always wonder what 25 means. 25 what? Earlier on she checked our two number places in our room, and they said 20 and 24, which she said was okay.

Ludo’s getting very confident running around these days

We had the blower thing on Saturday and yesterday. Saturday when Mummy came in from the fair she’d been to all day, and Sunday when we came in from the garden because the house was still hot. We had the blower thing in the corridor outside our room yesterday morning, because the whole house needed a bit of cooling air flowing around. Then Mummy did some cooking in the kitchen and kept the door shut to stop the heat getting through to us. Mummy thinks of everything really.

I expect we’ll be doing the same again today.

How hot is it where you are?


Locksley xxxx


5 thoughts on “It’s been hot again

  1. It’s been hot here, too, Locksley! We were in Utah where the temps were in the 90s every day (and no A/C for a few of them) and came home to temps over 100. Then it rained a lot which cooled things down. Your Mum does what my Mom did when I was growing up – leave the house open at night to cool down, then shut it up in the morning until late afternoon. Stay cool!

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    It’s very hot here too, and I’ve heard Mummy say it’s 25 several times. She was talking to people on her phone the other day and whining to them that it was still 20 at 10:00pm. They started telling her that wasn’t too bad, but stopped and changed their minds when she reminded them we don’t have air conditioning. I’m not sure what air conditioning is, but Mummy seems to be jealous of the phone people for having it. We do have some of the blowing posts though, and Mummy spends a lot of time in front of one or more of those. The dogs aren’t too happy about the heat either. I’m the only one in the house who seems to be enjoying it.


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    1. Locksley here: Mummy just said you’d be enjoying it, Artemis.
      Blowing posts are fine. Mummy has airconditioning in the car which is the only place we really need it, she says, and it uses a lot of petrol. The blowing post uses lectricity straight from our roof. That’s what she says and I believe her.
      Yesterday she put some cold things wrapped in our old cosies into our runs. They were nice to lie against. Maybe your Mummy and the dogs can do that and leave all the heat to you.


      1. Victoria Zigler

        I wish they could leave all the heat for me, and so do they, I think. Mummy has been giving the dogs cold damp towels to sleep on, and they seem to like it. They also like to splash in water for some reason, so Mummy puts them in the bath and lets them play in it like a pool for a while. When it got hot like this last year she got them them these special toys that are meant to help them stay cool while they play with them, because of how they keep wanting to try and play even though it’s hot, but the Logan dog wasn’t sure what to do with them, and the Lilie dog destroyed them, so Mummy decided not to try those this year.


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  3. Auntie Dawn

    25 what, indeed. Your crazy American auntie can never get her head around Celsius.

    I’ve been hearing about the heat wave in England. I’m glad you boys and Mummy are not in London, where they have had temperatures in the 100s (Fahrenheit)!!

    It rarely gets quite that hot here in Manhattan. It is hot, but it’s the normal July heat and humidity—no big deal. We have air conditioning, so the boys, the feathery numbskulls, Uncle, and I are fine.

    Stay cool, cuties!


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