I have new neighbours, Victor and Pippin

Hello, Locksley here.

Well, you know we came home from our holiday without Biggles. Mummy took him to the undertaker and his ashes came home on Thursday. Mummy scattered them in the garden where Neville, Roscoe, and Bertie are.

But the big excitement was when Mummy stayed out all night! She’s never done that before. Ludo and I discussed it in detail. I was sure she’d never been away so long. He agreed. I had a vague memory of Neville saying she used to do it when we lived in Norfolk. He meant they, we didn’t live in Norfolk. Just Suffolk when I was very very little. She used to stay overnight with Uncle James. Well, that’s what happened this time. She stayed overnight with Uncle James. Then she went on to see Auntie Sophie, who we don’t really remember now. She has lots of pigs like us needing new homes.

And Mummy came home with Victor and Pippin.

So that’s why she spent all last weekend cleaning and changing the runs around.

Victor in the hay box, Pippin with the white stripe

They live in the new run at the end by the blue wall. It’s turned on its end, not like when Biggles was there. And Ludo’s has changed on its end so it doesn’t stick out in front of the window. I’m not sure whether he likes it or not. But now we know it was all to make a bigger run for the littlies.

Victor looked quite big in Auntie Sophie’s pictures. Mummy thought he was an older pig, but he’s not. He’s funny, though. He stands at the bars looking at Mummy and she comes over to stroke him. Just like that! He stands there asking to be stroked. Amazing! I’d never thought of doing that. Maybe Mummy likes it that way.

Pippin doesn’t. He’s much younger, just a baby. Older than I was when I first came. He’s still got baby nails, and they are sharp and pointy. Mummy’s got scratches on her arms and neck from them. He’s very cheeky and rumblestruts at me. I think Victor is glad Pippin’s not rumblestrutting at him all the time. It can be a bit tiring.

I’ve been resting in my bed next to Ludo more often. I still lounge on my cushion next to the newbies’ run, but I go up to Ludo for some peace and quiet.

We had some grass time later in the week. It’s been cool and damp since our holiday, but Friday and Saturday we went outside. I was wondering what was going to happen. The new boys went in the enclosed run and Ludo had a separate one around one side, and me on the other, like I was before.

Victor and Pippin didn’t seem at all fussed about being on the grass, and nibbled away like anything. They have their own tent, a small blue one. Victor got into his straight away to be carried home, and he’d only seen us do it twice. I think he’s a bit smart. Maybe he does take after George, like everyone says. He’s got yellow eyebrows, although you can’t see them in most of the pictures.

See you next time,

Locksley xxxx

4 thoughts on “I have new neighbours, Victor and Pippin

  1. hilarymb

    Well done Locksley on keeping us and Ludo up to date with what’s been happening … all the best now with summer coming and your new neighbours Victor and Pippin – it all sounds fun … enjoy yourselves … don’t over indulge over the Platinum Jubilee celebrations … mind you Mummy’s blog background is the right celebratory colour – cheers Hilary

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  2. Thanks for the news update, Locksley. I suspected you would have some new mates soon, and I hope after a while you become a family after Victor and Pippen learn their manners. And grass is now great!

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  3. Auntie Dawn

    Thanks for the update, Locksley, Victor 2.0 does look big in these photos. I’m sure Mummy has told you all about the first Victor, who was one of the sweetest and most gentle pigs I’ve ever known.

    I’m glad the newbies are settling in well.


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  4. Victoria Zigler

    Thanks for the update, Locksley. It’s nice you have some new boys moving in. I hope you’ll all become great friends when Victor and Pippin learn their manners.


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