Abandoned with just a carrot

We had a terrible day today.  Mummy came downstairs early in a terrible rush, threw a carrot, two lettuce leaves and some bits of celery in each of our cages and ran out of the door just calling out ‘Bye Boys, be back this evening!”

Well, what sort of greeting is that?  Where’s the cuddle, the “Hello Georgie boy how are you this morning? Did you sleep well? Let’s have a cuddle.”  Followed by a nice clean cage, some fresh veg from the garden, neatly sliced carrot, celery and cucumber.  Where was our fresh water?  And what about the huge pile of hay and the hayrack stocked up as well?

Fred and I had a real grumble to each other I can tell you.  As the day wore on and it seemed she really did mean ‘see you this evening’ we started browsing through the old hay under the top layer of hay to see what it was like.  Quite good, actually, if a little squashed.  I finished up the bits of carrot we’d left lying around and we sort of got through the boring bits of our muesli (she hadnt topped the feed bowls up either) to some crumbs of the tasty bits below, then we tried some of the boring bits of muesli.  They werent that bad, actually.  The pellets were as tasty as usual.

Hugo and Victor were sleeping through a lot of it, but like us, Hugo was busy finishing of the hay rack contents, and Humphrey and Hector were at both of theirs virtually non-stop.  Humphrey was a little anxious, although he said they still had plenty to eat in their bowl, he was just worried about having to make it last a long time.  He does get very worried when mummy’s not around all day, I’ve noticed that.

It’s dark now.  Definitely evening.  I hope mummy hasn’t forgotten us 😦  It’s getting very late…

3 thoughts on “Abandoned with just a carrot

  1. Auntie Dawn

    That is a sorrowful tale indeed, G. But sometimes Mummies are late for things and have to rush out. I know that Mummy wouldn’t leave you without provisions, and that if you were truly in need, she’d miss her train for you.

    Will extra hugs and smooches from your Auntie help? If so:


    1. georgiepig

      Aw, thank you Auntie Dawn :embarassed: Although you’ll see I was fussing about nothing really….


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