I’m afraid I’m much too busy to spend time on-line at present, but I thought I’d better come and apologise to you.  Mummy has started putting us out in the garden again and the grass is growing very fast even though we don’t seem to be having any rain to help it along.  But it isn’t dry enough for us to walk on till about midday at the earliest even so, and often mummy goes out in the morning so we don’t get out till quite late in the afternoon.  That didn’t happen today though, we were out before lunchtime 🙂

It has suddenly turned very warm and I was very glad mummy gave us a nice shelter over our cage top today for shade.  Then later on she took it off and put one of our fleeces over the top, which made an even bigger patch of shade.  Then I realised why… she had washed it and we were helping it to dry for her.  So we are drying the washing, cutting the grass, fertilising the grass, as well as sleeping and socialising.  What a busy life we lead!

Right, enough of this enjoyment, I have to get back to work!

4 thoughts on “Multi-tasking

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Oh, you boys are certainly busy. But what’s up with Mummy’s going out in the morning? Something about golf, I heard. I think she needs a Talking To.

    Stay cool, Cutiepants. XXXOOO


  2. georgiepig

    Well today she went out very early, the sun had only just got up, and she didnt take her golf things with her. She took a different bag and she made breakfast in some shiny paper and coffee in a flask to take with her.

    I like talking to her. Perhaps I should talk to her more 🙂


  3. Lady Snailspace

    Perhaps she was watching those little pigs with wings and claws, George 🙂 Or maybe horses!

    I’m glad you’re busy. It’s very rewarding to be busy isn’t it 🙂

    Love, xxxxxxxxxxxx


  4. Glad to hear you’re keeping yourselves busy, George.
    I’ve had a very busy day at work, I’ll let you read about it on the forum though!
    Enjoy the rest of your afternoon!


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