Mummy multi-tasks too!

I know mummy often multi-tasks but usually in the morning she has a set routine and today she changed it a bit.

When she came down the first thing she did was look in her book and take things out of cupboards and weigh things and put them in the stirring machine in the cupboard.  I call it a stirring machine.  It makes something that smells nice and mummy eats, called bread.  But she wasnt making bread, because she does that using a jug not a weighing machine.  Anyway she set the machine off then she gave us our cuddles as usual.  And when we finished cuddles (I had a lovely long one, with a near-sleep as well –  but then she did my teeth 😦 ) she went and did something with the stirring machine.  It looked like she tipped the mixture out and divided it into 12 pieces and made them into round balls and put them on a tray and put them in the cupboard again.  And then she put the oven on (it makes a whirring noise too) and came and cleaned us out, just like normal.

And after she’d cleaned us out she moved the tray from the cupboard to the oven and went and got our breakfast from the garden (and from the fridge).  We had celery cucumber and carrot from the fridge, oh and green pepper.  And we had scorzonera leaves, a broccoli leaf and a lettuce leaf  from the garden.  Yummy!

Then mummy took the things out of the oven and painted them with something, then she put them on a rack to cool and went and changed her coat.  And then she ate some of these round things with her coffee for breakfast.  She called them hot cross buns.  They smelt interesting but I don’t think I’d like to try them.  She said they were just right.  She’s got enough for tomorrow and Sunday too.

I don’t know what she did next cos she went out and I had a sleep.  And after she came back (with some leaves and grass for us) we went out into the garden.  And so did she.  And we all had a little sleep in the shade cos we were hot, but not cross.  And we’re piggies not buns. 😉

3 thoughts on “Mummy multi-tasks too!

  1. Auntie Dawn

    That Mummy … sigh. Just when you think you’ve got her all figured out, she changes up the routine with something wacky.

    Hmm, send some of those buns my way, G. Even if they’re not vegan, I’ll have some because your Mummy made them.

    Hot Sweet Pigs. ❤ x 6

    Tell your bro and Da Boyz that I wish all of you a Happy Earth Day.


  2. Lady Snailspace

    Sounds simply perfect – an idyllic life you guys have 🙂 I love hot cross buns! I hope all you boys and Mummy have a wonderful and restful Easter xxxx


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