It’s only spring

We were lulled into false hopes of long lazy days in the sunshine eating grass and chilling out under the sunshade in the last couple of weeks.  But this week we have been reminded that it’s only spring, and it’s been too cold to go out for long.

We did go out yesterday even though the wind was cold because we could sit in the sun near the fence so it wasnt that windy down on the ground.  Mummy was a bit cooler though and put one of her coats on over her t-shirt.  She’d been playing lots of golf, so she knew what temperature it was.  We like eating her grass and she lets it grow so we can eat it.  She mowed the outside grass with her machine on Tuesday, we could hear her and we saw her take the orange cable out for it.  She didn’t mow the inside grass though as she says we haven’t had enough rain to worry about it.  I was glad of that because the grass was nice. 

Today we are upstairs in our run as she says we need more exercise and we won’t be able to go out tomorrow.  Mummy says she’s going out for the day and I wondered if she had been invited to the Royal Wedding we keep hearing about on the radio.  I’ll let you know what she says when she gets back.

3 thoughts on “It’s only spring

  1. Auntie Dawn

    “We like eating her grass and she lets it grow so we can eat it.”

    Hmm. This is an odd statement. I thought it was your grass. Shouldn’t you say, “We like eating our grass and we tell her to let it grow so we can eat it”?? Maybe you’re just being polite to Mummy.

    I was jealous of your warm, sunny weather. It’s finally getting warmer in Noo Yawk. We had a few nice days of warmth and sun, but today we’re having summer-style thunderstorms.

    Mummy has NOT been invited to the wedding, as far as I know, and to that I say Pffft. She doesn’t need to go, though. Those royals aren’t nearly as impressive, regal, and downright adorable as Crown Prince Frederick and Crown Engineer George. ❤ ❤

    Oh, that reminds me! If I'm going to visit Your Highnesses, I have to school myself in the protocol to follow when in the presence of royals. Do I bow? Curtsy? How do I address you? As a Yank I'm completely clueless. Sigh.


    1. georgiepig

      Well, I think it’s technically Mummy’s grass Auntie Dawn 🙂 We’re just the gardeners, the lawnmowing squad you know ;). We haven’t had thunderstorms here for ages. I think the garden could do with some nice steady rain, not a downpour, but steady rain that gets down to the roots of the plants. Mummy says she cant really plant the corn till it rains some. I think she might give up on waiting for rain for planting the kale out though. She’ll water it nicely though, to keep it growing, but all the plants around it will want the water too. :sigh:

      You don’t need to worry about me if you visit, a wink and a tickle behind the ear will work wonders. You are my Auntie, after all! Hugo might expect a lot more attention though, I mean, you know Hugo!


  2. Auntie Dawn

    You can expect a wink, a tickle, and many, many hugs and smooches, Cutiepants.

    Sigh. Hugo is a bit … Hugoish, but he’s so much like my Mariusz, how can I do anything but adore him? Tell him that he’s in for lots of hugs and kisses as well.

    Love ya. XXOO


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