Sunny but no grass, and tunnel tales

Hello, Locksley here again.

We’ve had lots of sun this week, and to be fair, we did go outside on a couple of days, which was very nice. But we didn’t go out at all at the weekend, and Mummy said it’s too cold. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe. She kept changing her mind. It was okay for her to go out, but not us on the grass.

She did bring us in some grass yesterday, though.

She also got a new snuggle tunnel. I thought it was for me, but she seemed to be saying it was for Pippin. I had mine (it’s Neville’s). Ludo has his – yes it was new for him last winter with the pirate logo on it. Victor has his – he’s taken over all of Biggles’ matching cagewear now. And Pippin had nothing.

Well, I told her. Does he even deserve a snuggle tunnel?

Yes, she said. Think of how much cosier it’ll be for him. And he is getting used to being on his own, and is getting easier to pick up, too.

Hmm. That’s ‘easier to pick up when you can find him’. It took you at least an hour to find him on Thursday morning, the little rascal.

It did. She looked everywhere for him, three times. I heard him scurrying from somewhere else to somewhere she’d already looked when she went and looked in the spare room (the one with our hay and all the furniture Mummy moved out of here in it). I don’t think he deserves a nice new snuggle tunnel.

Well, that was my argument. It seemed to work, too, as she took mine out to wash on Sunday, and put the new one in. It’s all black and scary with coloured squares on it, and a pretty blue inside. And it doesn’t smell of anyone.

It arrived at breakfast time

(Yes,Locksley, says Ludo, It’s new!)

Well, I wasn’t at all sure I wanted it. Mummy had already taken mine out and put it in the wash.

I decided to try it, just to see.


Not sure.

We’ll see what happens when Mummy brings Neville’s one back today, all clean and dry after its wash.

Hope all is well with you and you have at least a nice clean snuggle tunnel to keep you warm.


Locksley xxxx


2 thoughts on “Sunny but no grass, and tunnel tales

  1. Maybe Pippin will get Neville’s? Don’t be mean, Locksley – Pippin is young and adjusting and will need some help from your Mum. In the meantime, I think you look smashing in your new snuggle sac.

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