Last day of summer?

Hello, Ludo here.

We haven’t been out on the grass much recently because it’s been damp and cool. But on Saturday Mummy came back from her book show and said it was warm enough to go out for an hour, even though the shade was over our pens.

So we did.

It was lovely. The grass was juicy and fresh, not like it was during the hot weather. Locksley spent a lot of time under his tent, but then he does that, I think he enjoys feeling it on his back. I have learnt that the sky is not going to fall on me, and I came out to eat and to talk to young Pippin, who I find amusing.

Victor was on Pippin’s other side, but they ignore each other. Victor is making progress in getting Locksley to have a conversation with him, though.

It’s been two years since we came here from the rescue. It seems to have been a long time, and a short time. It’s gone quickly, but a lot has happened. I suspect that it wasn’t until we went on holiday that I really understood that Mummy meant it, she isn’t going to let me go. Maybe seeing her care for Biggles made me realise that. I didn’t really notice with the other two guys. I never got to know them. Maybe I should have.

But I was scared then, of everything. Now I’m much happier. I enjoy lying out on my hay, even when Mummy is in the room. And sometimes I don’t move when she gets up and walks around. Only when she comes over to me. Then I’m still a little unsure of what will happen, unless it’s the usual time for something, like cuddles, or cucumber.

But now we’ve finished another summer, and we’re going into the darker days. I seem to remember the possibility of presents at Christmas.

Oh, and I should tell you that Locksley got over whatever was fretting him last week. He has a nice new tunnel, which he likes very much, and Pippin has the previous tunnel, which he likes too.

And Victor’s happy because he has a hayrack.

So we’re all happy, which is good. Even if there isn’t any more grass time this year.

Ludo xxxx


2 thoughts on “Last day of summer?

  1. Hi Ludo! I am glad you have finally realized that you have a forever home. Lovely thought. Glad you all had some delicious grass and some sun. We had a hurricane here last week – tons of rain and wind. It scared my grandson but we got by with no damage. Here’s hoping you get a few more warm days outside and I like that you are all getting along better. Maybe that vacation really helped!

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    I’m glad you’re all happy, Locksley decided he likes the new tunnel, and that you learned it’s safe with your Mummy. I seem to remember something about presents at Christmas time too, now you mention it.


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