Sunny days and Funny days

Hello Locksley here again.

I’m posting a day early because we have to watch something on television all day tomorrow. Everything is going to be closed, and we don’t even get our lettuce delivery. It’ll arrive on Tuesday. Mummy’s gone out to do some painting but she says she has to remember lettuce and milk on the way there. The shop will probably be shut on the way home because it’s Sunday.

This is all mixed up with the death of our Queen. I think her funeral is tomorrow. I suppose when we have funerals they’re quite quick and involves us saying goodbye to our friends and then Mummy going and scattering them in the garden. The Queen has been Lying In State (not sure what state), and Mummy went to see her on Thursday. She came home just after cucumber time and she was walking funny.

She’s going to post about it on her blog on Wednesday.

She was still walking funny when she went out to do a book fair yesterday, but she seemed better when she came home.

Here it’s been nice and sunny, but not very warm. The grass has been wet during the day, and by the time it dries, the shadow has come over and it’s too cold. On Friday Mummy took a towel out and dried the grass off for us so we could go out for the afternoon. It’s funny really. All that time we could only go out in the shadows, because even putting sunshades over the runs it was still too hot. Now we don’t even have the sunshades as it’s nicer to have the sun warming our backs.

Apparently it’s the equinox on Wednesday, which is the start of autumn. It gets dark in the evening early, and the sun wakes up pretty late. But that makes equal day and night time. Fred wrote a blog post about it once. You’ve probably read it before.

On Friday its the second anniversary of Ludo’s and my arrival here. Some people call it a Gotcha day, which is a funny word but you’ll know what it means.

Such a lot has happened in two years. Ludo is even getting friendly again, and lying out in the open without a care in the world.

The builders are much quieter now, although they were tapping close to us all day when Mummy went out Thursday. I’m feeling a lot happier, especially since our holiday, and Mummy says I’m looking better, too. My hair has started to grow back. It’s itchy. And I’ve got a funny thing that Mummy calls a skin tag on my shoulder. She said she would think it normal if I didn’t have a lump underneath it. So she’s going to call the vet on Tuesday when they open again, and see if I can visit Dr Rebekah. I expect Dr Rebekah will want to see me, especially now my hair is looking almost respectable.

I hope everything is sunny and not funny with you, see you next time.


Locksley xxxx

3 thoughts on “Sunny days and Funny days

  1. What a great post, Locksley! I so glad you can be outside without the heat now – the seasons are changing! I think your Mum stood in a queue for a long time, which is why she was walking funny. I will miss the TV event because we will be traveling, but I expect we can see it in bits later on TV. And good news that Ludo is calmer.
    Keep growing that fur!

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  2. Auntie Dawn

    I hope you and the other boys have been giving Mummy extra cuddles over the past several days. It’s been a sad time for her. Still, she’s got many things to keep her busy, and there’s a new King who I’m sure will do many positive and interesting things.

    I’m glad to hear that your hair is growing in.

    Love you all! XOXO

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  3. Victoria Zigler

    Things were extra quiet around here Monday. We usually see lots of coming and going outside because there’s a shop right next door to us, and the dogs like to make sure we know about the people who park outside our house to go to it, but Monday it was closed so they were pretty quiet all day. Mummy said it was nice to have the peace and quiet, even though it was for a sad reason (and she says part of her feels bad for enjoying the peace and quiet considering the reason the shop was closed all day). Other than that things have been happening as usual. It’s started getting colder though, which is another thing Mummy is enjoying. I do agree with her about the barking dogs thing, but I can’t say I feel the same as she does with the weather… Thank goodness for heating systems and my heat lamps, that’s all I can say. Still, happy Equinox.


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