R is for Running Around #A2ZChallenge22

Hello, I’m Ludo. I expect you’ve met me before this month already, but if you haven’t, I’m the good-looking one. A guinea pig, in case you’re confused. We’re doing the A to Z Challenge, and this is Letter R day.

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Running around

One of the most important thing for a guinea pig (or a rabbit, or most animals–including humans) is space to run around. Not just for exercise, but for enjoyment, to express our personalities, and to feel we’re exploring our world. In some animals it’s important for communication, too.

I have enough space to run around in my cage. It’s not really a cage, it’s more of a pen. It’s made from panels and it’s called a C&C. Apparently that stands for correx and cube. Correx is a sheet thing many floors and sides are made of, and cube is the type of panel. It’s in shops to make up into shelving units. But Mummy, and many, many other guinea pig people, make it up into runs.

It was George who persuaded her to do it. He pointed out the benefits of having storage space underneath our runs. But she also discovered we like to have hidey holes to use when we’re running around on the floor, so she leaves some of her storage space free for us.

I run around from the living room to our room, every day after cuddles. Then I run around on the floor, nosing at where other people have been and left messages. Often I leave messages back, but they usually don’t see them till the next day. It’s quicker to tell Locksley what I want to see through the bars of our runs, but he has to relay it to Biggles if my message is for Biggles.

Then there is our garden run. This is The Best. We said a lot about running around in the garden on G for Grass. We’re going out more often now that Spring is here. I like running outside. I have a nice covered run (called Runaround) to make me feel safe from the huge sky above us. Biggles and Locksley don’t mind it at all, but all that space makes me feel weird. They like their freeform run instead.

I think Mummy may have some pictures of us running around on our Youtube channel. (Could you put them in here, please Mummy).

1 minute of Fred, George in the first run, Hugo, Victor on the right. Best viewed small! (c.2009)

Do you like running around? Where’s your favourite place to run around and what’s it like?

Till next time

Ludo xxx

10 thoughts on “R is for Running Around #A2ZChallenge22

    1. Ooh, fancy going around the neighbourhood. That would be scary. There are dogs out there… you be careful, Auntie Noelle.
      Mummy goes for walks, not runs. She’s been investigating birds recently.


  1. Ronel Janse van Vuuren

    So cute! I’m not a big runner, but every afternoon my dogs like to run around so fast it looks like they’re flying! And they want me to watch, of course. They even try to race the horses 🙂

    Ronel visiting for the A-Z Challenge My Languishing TBR: R

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      1. Ronel Janse van Vuuren

        They enjoy it very much. But I’m not sure the horses take it seriously — they’re much faster when they’re racing each other.

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    1. I think you probably do the same sort of running around as Mummy. She says it’s safest if she keeps one foot on the ground. Normally we have two feet on the ground when we’re running around. That wouldnt work for her.

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    I’ve got a really big vivarium. I’m only a small tortoise breed, but Mummy insisted I needed as much space as possible, so I have a vivarium that’s big enough it takes me a couple of minutes to get from one end to the other, even if I run. And I sometimes get to come out and run around the living room too. Oh, and another fun thing is when Mummy has me on the sofa, because I can climb and burrow under all the pillows she has on there (she says they’re called throw pillows, but for some reason gets frustrated when the dogs do throw them). I don’t go outside much, and when I do I stay climbing on Mummy. But the dogs run around the whole house, the yard, and sometimes somewhere else if Mummy and Daddy take them somewhere like the park so they can do that.



  3. Your vivarium must be huge if it takes you two minutes to get from one end to the other. It doesn’t even take two minutes to run from the living room to this room, unless I stop to check the coast is clear by waiting in the blue tunnel.
    Mummy’s put a clip of Roscoe and Neville running from mummy’s living room to our room on one for the posts .. maybe U for Up. It doesn’t take them long at all.

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    1. Victoria Zigler

      I don’t run as fast as you guys. Tortoises move faster than some people might think, but nowhere near as fast as guinea pigs. So, since I’m a very small breed of tortoise (I’m smaller than a guinea pig) my vivarium does seem like it’s a lot of space, and takes me a while to get from one side of to the other. You guys could probably do the distance in a few seconds.


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