Q is for Quiet #AtoZChallenge2022

Ludo here again. If you’re visiting for the first time, thank you. We are guinea pigs, and George was our founder. I never met him. He lived a long time ago. Today is our letter Q.

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I like it when it is quiet. I can relax and snooze then. That’s one of the things I like about this house.

Mummy is usually quiet, except on Saturdays. Lots of people talk from the screen, or play music in the evening on Saturdays. And some afternoons, about once a week, she gets a lot of phone calls which she has to answer and talk about what to do with a bat*. I don’t know, I’m just saying.

The others are usually quiet, too. Biggles sometimes lets out a ‘wheek’ if something’s upset him. He rarely talks otherwise. I think I managed to teach Locksley to be quiet, but occasionally he sits in one of his corners and sings quietly. That’s sweet.

I only talk when I am sitting on Mummy’s lap to be cuddled. She seems to appreciate the feedback.I have heard that many guinea pigs are very loud, especially when they hear the food bin or door being opened. Oh, I may do that. One doesn’t want to be missed out if there is food being given out.

I have also learned to tell Mummy when it’s time for my morning run on the floor to be over. She responds well to my voice commands. I’ve learned some of hers, too. It’s a two-way thing with us.

So that’s our Letter Q for the A to Z Challenge.


What’s your favourite thing beginning with Q?

Ludo xxx

  • * Mummy volunteers for the Bat Conservation Trust’s Bat Care Helpline three or four times a month.

11 thoughts on “Q is for Quiet #AtoZChallenge2022

  1. Victoria Zigler

    Quiet is nice. We don’t get things as quiet as I’d like around here because the dogs like to talk a lot. Although, things have been quieter since Mollie went across the rainbow bridge, because she used to insist on having music or TV on all the time, and now we only have it on when Mummy or Daddy actually want to watch or listen to something. Mummy’s computer talks a lot too. She says it’s because she has to have it doing that. I don’t understand why, but something about not seeing the screen.


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