Bertie breakfast

Mummy’s changed my routine!

Mummy’s been taking me out first for my morning cuddle.  It’s funny being first but I like it. I get first dibs on cucumber, and there’s always six pieces for me.  Sometimes when I’m last there’s only five.  Although sometimes there’s seven, so I suppose it works okay.

The best thing is, I get to have first run in the kitchen.  I get all the time that Mummy’s cuddling Neville to do whatever I like, then Neville comes down.  Now that’s great fun!  First couple of days he was a bit sniffy about me wanting to get to know him better.  But now we pretty much get along okay.

We hang out together around the wooden fiddlesticks until Roscoe comes in from his cuddle.  Mummy picks me up before he realises I’m down the other end of the kitchen, and I’ve got really good at going straight into my tent.  If I don’t I think Mummy will stop me coming down first.  And I like coming down first.  I feel it’s where I belong.

After I’m back in the cage and Mummy’s cleaned out Roscoe and Neville’s cage, she take Biggles out.  He doesn’t seem to like going last.  Well, I didn’t really, either.  But someone has to, and I suppose if he’s been going down first for ages, it’s time for us to swap over.

And when he’s down, Mummy does his cage and then gets our breakfast.

Oh, and there’s another change involving me, too.  It’s on the blog. I bet you can’t work out what it is!

Bye for now


U for Under the cages #AtoZChallenge


Hello! I’m Kevin.  I’m a ginger and white guinea pig and I look after both George’s Guinea Pig World and our Facebook page.  Percy and I have been sharing the workload for our A to Z Challenge this year, and I’ll be doing this last week.

Our theme is “Our Favourite Things” – and I hope you’re not tired out from all this blog-visiting!

uU is for Under the Cages

One of our favourite places to run around and explore is underneath things.  I think it’s because our ancestors spent a lot of time in tunnels underground, and of course we are prey species, so underneath things is safer.  Our cages in the kitchen are mainly on tables, with things like boxes, feedbins and things like that underneath them.  But there’s also plenty of room for us!

This video must have been in about 2012, soon after Colman and I came to live here. Colman pokes his nose out between Dougall and Dylan, who look quite young, less than a year old. Victor and Humphrey and Hector are wandering around too.  The Jubilee Seven ride again!  I’m the only one left 😦

Tomorrow it’s letter V – and you’ll never guess what we’ve chosen for that!

R for Running around #AtoZChallenge

Percy on the step
Percy on the step

Hello and welcome to George’s Guinea Pig World.  I’m Percy, and I run this place with Kevin.  George set it up in 2009, which is before I was born.  I live in a nice cage next to Oscar, and his brother Midge lives next to Kevin.

Our A to Z theme is “Our Favourite Things”

rR is for Running Around

I love running around.  We have a huge kitchen to run around in every morning.  There’s a step halfway along, which can be a bit scary to jump down until you get used to it.  Mummy’s put a towel on the lower side to give us a soft landing.  Midge and I often sit on that and look cute.

Apparently everyone has been running around in the kitchen except Fred and George who hated it.  It’s odd, because we know they loved running around in the garden.  Fred would just cower on the floor, not wanting to move.  I don’t know why.  Various combinations of the rest of us have been running around there for years.

Mummy is very embarrassed by most of the photos of us on the kitchen floor, because it always has a lot of hay and poops lying around.  It’s because she cleans up after we’ve finished, and of course she takes photos and things when we’re running around.  We have tunnels and boxes to play with, and also we can hide under things and behind things just for fun, too.

Here’s a moving picture of Victor, Humphrey and Hector running around, when Dylan and Dougall were just itty-bitty babies so they had a small run fenced off so the other boys didn’t bully them.

Here’s a short one of Colman deciding whether to jump down the step or not!


… and here’s one of me and Oscar.  Oscar is trying to climb into the bucket with the waste bedding after Mummy’s cleaned our cages in the morning.

Come back tomorrow to see what S is!



Mornings in my house

Hello.  Percy here.  I’ve got pictures of morning in my house.

Mummy cuddles us and gives us cucumber.  Then we come and run around on the kitchen floor.  She cleans our cages while we do that.  I run mostly with Oscar.  He lives next door.  Sometimes I stay and talk to Midge.  He lives upstairs.  He comes down after me.  Oscar always goes in then.  Oscar doesn’t like Midge.  Midge doesn’t like Oscar.  I don’t know whether Midge likes me or not.  He’s still not sure.  It’s very strange.  Oscar and Midge are birth brothers.  I don’t know why they don’t get on.

Here are some pictures of me and Oscar and me and Midge.  There are moving pictures as well.  I think Mummy’s still working on them.

Oscar’s favourite thing is climbing in the bag of cage waste.  It’s really smelly and has all our smells in it.  And poo and wee and leftovers.  Mummy gets him out of the bag.  He makes a mess.  Now he’s started to investigate the bucket too.  Mummy doesn’t mind him climbing in the bucket so much.  There’s not so much mess to be made when he pulls it over..

Please excuse the state of our floor.  Mummy sweeps it up when we’re all back on our cages.  Then we have breakfast.  Yummy!