S is for Sunbathing #A2ZChallenge22

Sunbathing, mmm. Biggles here again, talking about Our Favourite Things for the A to Z Challenge. We’ve reached the letter S. Only a week to go!

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About this time of year, when the sun’s finally come back and is warm and friendly, I love sunbathing.

In the early morning when we’re running around, the sun creeps in through our doors, and I can sit on the mat there and sunbathe. It feels lovely. It goes all through me and makes my bones feel good too.

Later on in the year in comes in the room even earlier and shines on our runs for a few minutes, but we never catch that, really.

Most of the time we avoid sunbathing, because it can be too hot. But in the early and late part of the year it’s nice to sunbathe in the garden too.

Our favourite sunbathe is to lie in a cosy and let the sun bathe just part of us. Then we can move and let it do another part.

But it’s always important to have some shade available so we don’t get too hot. And we don’t sunbathe when the air is hot as well. That would be silly.

Here are some pictures of us sunbathing.

What about you? Do you like sunbathing? Spring, summer, or autumn?


Biggles xxx

17 thoughts on “S is for Sunbathing #A2ZChallenge22

      1. Ronel Janse van Vuuren

        Probably. My boys are black and tan, and they’ve got a couple of sunspots on their bellies from sunbathing. In the summer, I put sunscreen meant for babies on their exposed skin 🙂


  1. I do like sitting in the sun, but it is way too hot here from May through early September. It’s good for you because this is how you can get your daily dose of Vitamin D without having to take a pill! I will think of you all when I next sit out in the warmth!

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    1. Mummy has been experimenting with putting the run closer to the house where it gets shaded first. But the past few days it’s been too cold in the wind to be in shade. Sun is good when there’s a wind, and shade good when it’s hot with no wind. We aren’t getting either combination at present.


  2. Cute pictures 🙂 I like to sit in the sun in the winter when it is a bit chilly outside and the sun helps warm me up. It gets way too hot to sunbathe here in Phoenix in the summer months. Even with a pool, we don’t go into it until after the sun goes down since the sun can be so grueling in the summer heat.



    1. Mummy says Phoenix would be far too hot for us in any season but winter. And then we’d maybe need shade. And there’s not much grass to eat there, either.
      Do you think she’s been there?


  3. Victoria Zigler

    I love sunbathing. Which is a good thing, because it’s so important for me to do it every day that I have special lamps in my vivarium to make sure I get enough warmth and UV light… It’s like having my own private sun. But I love when I can enjoy some of the real sun too.



      1. Victoria Zigler

        It’s really neat. You should get one. I think the hot part wouldn’t be good for guinea pigs, so you don’t want the heat lamp. But the UV light is good for most animals – even humans.



  4. Auntie Dawn

    Your auntie was out in the sun today. Even though I wore a big hat on my head and sunblock on my skin, I still got a bit of a sunburn.


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