Our Theme for the 2022 #AtoZChallenge

Hello, Ludo here today.

After much talk, we have decided to do the A to Z Challenge in April. The last time George’s Guinea Pig World did this was when Kevin and Percy did it in 2017. Kevin and Dylan did it in 2015, and Victor did it in 2012. And someone did it on Mondays only in 2019, and finished it in September, which doesn’t seem quite right to me. That’s not an April challenge, is it. Oh, it was Roscoe and Bertie. That explains it.

Today we reveal our theme to the world…

Our Favourite Things

2022 AtoZ Challenge
LtoR: Ludo, Biggles, Locksley

Your hosts will be me, Ludo, a black and white guinea pig, and Biggles, a silver-grey rex-type guinea pig.


Sorry, Biggles has just told me that we will be assisted by Locksley, who is also a silver-grey rex-type guinea pig, but he’s much younger than Biggles and he has much longer hair.

(What now?)

Oh. It seems that Kevin and Percy also blogged about their favourite things.

Well, we won’t look at what they said, and see if we come up with the same things. We may do least favourite things sometimes.

We are looking forward to meeting all our visitors, and to visiting you back. Mummy says there may be some websites we aren’t old enough to visit. So I hope yours is okay for us to visit.

Some of the animal-related blogs our predecessors visited in the past are listed in the sidebar. We will check those, too. And add yours if it’s suitable for us.

See you in April, if not before


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