Is this spring fever?

Ludo here. We’ve been discussing Mummy. Not just because of the A to Z Challenge. That’s only two weeks away.

Mummy has been behaving oddly all week.

Biggles says she does this every year about now, but even he said she was very odd on Saturday.

What has she been doing?

Well, she went out for most of the day on Monday, and said she’d been birdwatching. I suppose that’s not odd, really. Biggles said she used to do it every week when they were in Norfolk. She’s done it about once a month last year, so I suppose she’s started again. Then she spent all Tuesday in the front room, with lots of noises coming out of the room, like they do from the computer on Saturday afternoons, but she was saying more things, too. Then she went out in the evening. She never does that.

Same happened on Wednesday, when it was raining hard all day. She said all the horses were drenched, and hers didn’t like the mud. I don’t know, I’m just telling you what she said. Then she went out in the car in the evening.

Thursday it was dry again, but she still spent all afternoon in the front room, and Friday. Then at the end of the Friday front room time, she dashed into our room to sit in front of the people sliding down the hills on her computer. Well, we’re used to that.

Then Saturday afternoon, she started behaving oddly. I mean oddly even for her. She went to bed when it was still light. Then she got up and gave us our cucumber, and Biggles his meds, and went down to the room where she gave Biggles his bath the week before, and was quiet for a while. She came back and said, “well, that’s all right, boys, I haven’t got it.” Then she went to bed again. And got up very late on Sunday.

I should add that she gave us cuddles, cucumber, hay, water, breakfasts, more hay and cuddles all at the right times more or less the rest of the week. Just Saturday and Sunday morning were a bit random. Then lunchtime she said she was feeling better and watched people sliding down hills all afternoon.

Then she mowed the grass.

So, as this is the first day of spring, we have to ask: is this spring fever? Will she recover?

Otherwise, everything’s fine here. All normal.


2 thoughts on “Is this spring fever?

  1. Ludo, I suspect your mum was worried about having Covid or a bad cold or the flu and was happy she was healthy. It’s spring and you should not be worried if she’s out and about – after being inside for so long the last two years, I think she is just feeling the need to get out and yes, it could be spring fever! Maybe you will catch it too!

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    Very strange. Mummy says if she hasn’t got it, she’s definitely going to recover, and not to worry about it. She also said to tell your Mummy she’s really glad she hasn’t got it. Personally I’m just as confused as you are by it all, but that’s what Mummy said to tell you, so I’m telling you.

    Squeak soon,

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