We have a new apartment

Way-aye, Roscoe here.

We were too busy last week with Biggles’ birthday to tell you about our new apartments.

I think it was Friday, or maybe Thursday–when our beds got changed anyway. Mam had been talking to us about moving around so the little ones had more space, now they’re growing. Well, Locksley has grown. He’s six months old now and is only a little smaller than Ludo, unless he stretches out, when he’s the same size as the rest of us. I think it was Monday when Mam swapped us into the middle run, and Ludo and Locksley into the bigger one at the end. If you remember how we started out in September, we’re in the same positions now, but they have the last panel of our run to make it a four.

Nev and I didn’t mind the smaller run. Mam was right that we weren’t really using the end bit of our run anyway. But she was still concerned that we might not have enough space. So on Friday, she took away one of the panels between Biggles and us!

Biggles looked at it, and I looked at it, and before you knew it, Biggles was checking out our space, and I was checking out his. Then Neville got in on the act and had a nosy around too. (and Mam had put our snugglesac and a tunnel in the wash when the first of these photos were taken)

It’s been great fun, most of the time. We get on well, of course, now that we’re older and we’ve spent so much time together outside on the grass or on the floor. here Sometimes I object to Biggles sleeping on our tunnel when I want to go in it. I managed to push him off one time, but maybe I won’t do it too much. Neville likes having even more choice of tunnels and snugglesacs. Between us we’ve got three large snugglesacs, two perfectly sized tunnels, one bed, and two huge piles of hay (most of the time).

Mam thought it was funny that one time she looked around at us and we were all snuggled together in our run. The next time she turned around we were all in Biggles’. And one time this week, Biggles and I were arguing about something r other near the door of our run, and Mam stepped up and shooed Biggles back to his run and glared at me. He sat in his bed, the furthest point away, and I went to sleep on the hay, the furthest point away in our side.

So most of the time we’re really comfortable with our new arrangement. And Ludo and Locksley are still having the odd disagreement in their large run, but Mam’s put in a second dish of pellets and hopes that’ll help. You can solve most things with food, I find.

So, that’s our big news. The other new thing was, Mam gave us something called bamboo to eat. It was yummy.

See you next time,


Roscoe xxxxx

3 thoughts on “We have a new apartment

  1. hilarymb

    Hi Roscoe – looks like Mam knows best … and am glad it’s worked out ok. Stay warm til the weather really warms a little more – all the best – hilary

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  2. Your new digs look very comfortable and I think having Ludo and Locksley in a separate larger space might help them both. You all seem to like to mess with the hay! And I never knew that bamboo was on your diet. It grows wild in parts of Chapel Hill where the residents thought it would look cool but instead it just takes over.

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