I saw Dr. Mark!

Hello, Biggles here.

Last weekend I had a weepy eye. On the first day Mummy looked closely at it, and found a little funny tube with cream that she put on my lower eyelid, inside. I don’t think she could see anything causing my weepiness. It was a precaution.

The next day, after she’d phoned the vet, I could tell she’d been thinking about it some more, because she put some smelly stuff called Vicks on my nose. You see, I’ve had a runny nose since the summer. And some days when I wake up it’s dripped down my nose and made my face mucky. And Sunday it was mucky.

And Mummy realised that my eye might just not be clearing the nose because it was blocked. And on Monday, I had a nice clear nose and a nice clear eye, all because the Vicks had sorted the blockage out.

I still went to see Dr Mark, though. Mummy told him all about my snotty nose. He couldnt see anything because it had cleared up. He discussed it with Mummy for a while though, and she explained she thinks I have a seed stuck up it. Apparently if it’s a problem I can have a CT scan at Anton vets. But if Vicks clears it up, then why bother?

So. Now Mummy knows what to do next time my eye gets weepy.

And after that, Mummy found that Roscoe has a lump on the back-top of his left hind leg. She thinks it’s a sebay sist or something (sebaceous cyst, Mummy wrote it for me) but she’s taking him to see Dr Mark this week, too. He hasn’t had Vicks, so I suppose he won’t have a CT scan either.

I expect he’ll update you himself next week.


Biggles xxx

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  1. Well, Biggles, it seems your Mum knew just what to do – who would have thought of Vick’s? I hope you stay un-mucky now. As for that cyst, don’t work about it. It’s not dangerous and can be easily removed!

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