I had a lovely Birthday!

Hello, Biggles here. I was four years old yesterday!

Auntie Sophie posted a picture of one of us on the day we were born, cradled in B’s hands four years ago. She was much smaller then, too. Mummy thinks it was Bertie, because of the white forehead just showing and also a white thumbprint on his neck. I can see what she means. I was much more grey all over. Here we are on our first day with Uncle Percy.

It’s sad that Bertie’s not here to celebrate his birthday. We were starting to get on much better. Roscoe enjoyed exploring this house with him. In fact yesterday Roscoe went out of our room at run-time and started looking around. He got as far as Mummy’s bedroom door, where she was changing her coat, and started calling. Mummy came out to talk to him and he came back in again. I think he was looking for Bertie again.

But the best thing about yesterday was my birthday party! It was just like the old days, when Mummy set up a run in the living room and we all ran around together. Well, there was a run in the living room, with the same blanket to run on, and Roscoe, Neville and I got stuck into the cake and had a great time.

Mummy brought Locksley in to join us, but he was overwhelmed by the whole thing. He usually runs around with us, but he seemed scared of being on a different floor. Usually when we’re in the living room we’re on Mummy’s lap. Locksley wouldn’t come anywhere near the cake, although it was really yummy.

Ludo was even more scared, which is pretty much what we expected, really, but thought he might try to fight us, as he does that sometimes. Instead, after I had a chat to him, and told him to come and have cake, he just ran away and hid behind Locksley in our snugglesack, which Mummy had put out in case somebody wanted it. Then after we went home, Mummy sat with them for another hour before they decided to come out for a few minutes before diving back in again.

Mummy says she’s leaving the run up to give them more time in it, or they’ll be impossible once it gets to grass time. That should only be a couple more months now. I can’t wait.

We’ve got more news, too, but I’ll let Roscoe tell you about that next week.

Thank you if you stopped by Mummy’s Facebook page or ours, and left a message. It was very nice of you.



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  1. Happy birthday, Biggles… Even if I’m very late saying it. I’m glad you had a great birthday, even if it’s a shame Bertie wasn’t there to celebrate it with you. Shame Ludo and Locksley wouldn’t come out and share the cake with you, Roscoe, and Neville. Hope they get better about being out in a different run in time for grass time. Squeak soon, Mollie

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