In which I interview myself

Way-aye, Roscoe here. It’s been a nice week, because we went out in the garden most days. And Mam seems happier about something, although we’re not getting Chas and Dave to live with us.

I’m not sure what happened, but I know at the start of the week Mam did a video of us and our houses and where we have cuddles and the outside run and everything. Then she tried to phone Auntie Anna on Friday but didn’t get through. And now she’s going to see Auntie Sophie this week to bring back some new piggies for our empty run. Hooray!

I thought I might interview Mam with your questions. I might do that later, but I’ll answer them myself today.

1 What do you like best for food?

I like grass, and the herby things Mam gives us, and carrots. But I really like the special biscuits Mam gives us in the early evening. They’re delicious and they make me feel great.

2 What do you like the least that your mum has to do to care for you?

Like everyone else, it’s nail trimming. It’s very scary.

3 When do you get excited and make loud noises?

I very rarely make loud noises. It’s not dignified. Even when she says ‘biscuit’, I just run to the side and look interested. Okay, I sometimes stand up on the bars to look extra interested..

4 Have you always been called Roscoe?

No, it was Auntie Layla than called me Roscoe, and I think it suits me. Mam says it reminds her of Emperor Roscoe who was a DJ on a pirate radio station. I thinks that’s why we’re more or less pirates in her books .

4a Do you know if Mam changes your names or leaves them as they are.

She told me yesterday that if she brings Peanut & Pistachio home, they’re having their names changed. But I think mostly she leaves us with the names we come with, unless she’s fostering like she did with the three littlies last year, who had codenames or temporary names till they found their home..

5 What’s your least favourite food, and is there a food she really wishes you’d eat that you dislike?

Mam gives us lots of strange things I’ve never had before. She’d like us to eat all of them. Beans and tomatoes, I don’t like them but Biggles and Bertie loved them, so I try them if she offers them, but… nah. Fruit. She tries us with this stuff called fruit. I don’t like it. I’m coming around to red pepper, though.

6 Have any of you ever had to share your homes with animals other than humans and other guinea pigs? How would you feel about it if Mam decided you should, and brought something else home rather than more guinea pigs?

I think there was a dog at the last place we lived. There are dogs next door that bark sometimes. I know Mollie (and Joshua) have dogs, but I wouldn’t like them I like it’s just guinea pigs and Mam.

So there we have it. I hope we have some new people to introduce next week. At last. It’s been very depressing having an empty cage next to us.

Mam says it’s the equinox in the next couple of days. We’ve been here with all the furniture for six months. I like it here, except for missing Bertie.

Bye for now

Roscoe xxx

3 thoughts on “In which I interview myself

  1. Well, whoever moves in with you, I’m sure they’ll be very happy there.

    I loved reading your answers. I’m a big fan of fruit myself. Mummy’s mean about not giving much… Something about sugars… Which isn’t fair, because she has lots of it every day. Also, you’re right not to want to live with dogs. Don’t tell the human caretakers, but I wish we didn’t. I was here for a bit before the dogs, and remember how lovely and peaceful it was. Not sure why they’d want to spoil that by getting dogs. But then, I’m not sure why they do a lot of things.

    Blessed Equinox.

    Squeak soon,

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