They’re funny chaps. Very shy.

Way-aye, Roscoe here again.

Ludo and Locksley have been here over a week now. They’re funny chaps. They’ve spent most of their time in their tunnel, only coming out to eat.

Well, Locksley zooms around every now and then, and if Ludo’s out eating sometimes he popcorns, which is something I gave up long ago. I think it means he’s happy in his new place, but he doesnt talk to me, or anyone else, so how are we to know?

At first Mam put them in their carry box when she cleaned their cage in the morning, but this weekend that changed. She put out a few of our garden run panels and made a small run for them, big enough to have the hay box in and run around it. The first day we each went over, but they ran away, so yesterday I didnt bother. Biggles went over again, but he didnt say anything to them, just stood an looked. Maybe he’s right. Maybe they just need to get used to us, and realise we aren’t going to hurt them.

They usually come out into their run in the evening. If Mam’s at her computer, they’ve got used to that, but at first if she even turned to look at them they’d run and hide. Now Mam can turn on her chair and they’ll continue whatever they were doing. If she stands up, mostly they run, although Ludo didn’t actually run until she took a step towards the door yesterday. So he’s getting used to what goes on here.

As for the rest of us, we’re fine. The weather’s been wet, and it’s been very cloudy. We had the light on in the morning as well as the evening yesterday.

I’ve been feeling a bit rough, but Mam gives me some nice medicine in the mornings which makes me feel better all day. Then there’s our biscuits. It used to be just me that got them, but Neville and Biggles do too, now. We love those. They really make me feel young again. At biscuit time Mam has some other biscuits for the Ls. She says they don’t need our biscuits, but they should get a treat when we do. Not that they take them from her yet. Ludo doesn’t even eat cucumber in the mornings yet. Locksley takes it from her hand at cuddle time now. Mam says Ludo will come around in his own good time.

I haven’t got any new photos today, sorry. It’s been a bit dark.

See you next time

Love, Roscoe xxxxx

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