L is for Ludo and Lavender #A2ZChallenge2022

Hello, Ludo here. The others wanted L to be for Lavender, but it's my official birthday, so I think L should be for Ludo. That's my favourite thing, and we're doing favourite things for the A to Z Challenge. Ludo I may not be everyone's favourite thing, but it's mostly because I'm misunderstood. When I …

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George's anniversary banner

George’s Anniversary Fundraiser

Way-aye, Roscoe here. I'm honoured today. I'm presenting George's Anniversary Fundraiser. George was our founder, that's why it's called George's Guinea Pig World. And today, 17th May it is ten years since he went over the Rainbow Bridge. From now till his (and Fred's) birthday on June 13th, we are fundraising for our favourite Guinea …

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R is for Rescue, and also Roscoe’s interview

Hello everybody, Bertie here, taking you further on our journey from A to Z.  I thought that sounded a bit posh, and I hope you agree. Today I've thought of two things: rescue pigs and Roscoe. Mummy persuaded me that interviewing him was a good idea after I did one for Neville.  I don't really …

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