Greetings from Hampshire

Way-aye, Roscoe here again, calling from the wilds of Hampshire. That’s a place in England that’s miles away from home in Norfolk.

It was a very long journey to get here, and it felt like Mummy was driving in circles at one point, but she straightened up, and we arrived at the cottage in the afternoon when it was still light.

Bertie is in the blue cage on the shelf above us. Biggles is in the box the cage came in, and he’s beside us. We’re in a run in a nice alcove, with our travel box to walk into if we want to be extra cosy. And we’ve all got our tunnels and beds.

There’s also a run connected to ours, so everyone has some floor time. Mummy keeps going out but when she gets back she lets me and Nev out into the run some more.

The food is good, the room is nice, and Mummy seems like she’s enjoying herself.

It’s too cold and wet to go outside and try the grass but there are sheep and birds on it.  Mummy says if we come back in spring or summer we can try it out then.

Sounds good to me.  Here are some photos.


4 thoughts on “Greetings from Hampshire

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I’ll bet Mummy goes out to look for some weird feathery nonpigs, aka birds. I’ve had quite enough of them in my home: Peepers and Tweek are mating, and Tweek is laying eggs! I guess they think it’s the spring. Weirdos.

    I’m glad you boys are having fun. XO

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